June Lockhart – 95

Performing on stage, particularly Broadway seemed to run in the blood of the Lockharts. This goes true with June too. In fact, June Lockhart once won a Tony Award. Her father, Gene Lockhart, was also a Broadway star while her mother was also into acting. Did you know that her grandfather was also into performing arts, too? He was actually a concert singer back in the days. It seems that the family has some sort of artistic passion one way or the other.

While she didn’t finish her college degree, she still turned out very successful as an actress. Lockhart is best known for her role as a TV mom. From 1958 to 1964, she played Timmy Martin’s mother in the 1950s CBS series “Lacey”. As a matter of fact, he has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her outstanding performances on TV and film. Now, at 95, she’s still gorgeous and amazing.