Stars That Are Surprisingly Alive

Many of us have a certain perception of what celebrities look like. This usually stays in our mind for a long time and we often feel surprised to see how they actually look at the present. Often too, we forget that they get old and drastically change.

What happened to these stars? Did they make investments? What did they do after retirement? Let’s take a look at the ones who are still alive today and what they’ve done these past few years.


William Shatner will always be the beloved Captain James T. Kirk from the hit T.V. show, Star Trek. He finished a degree in Economics that has helped him with his investments. Soon, Shatner has been taking on roles that boosted his career, such as in The Brothers Karamazov, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, T.J. Hooker, and Boston Legal. He was also directing films wherein he was at the director’s chair for several episodes for T.J Hooker.

Shatner also played a minor role in the films Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous. He also appeared in the last season of The Practice, which he then continued in Boston Legal. What did he do with his earnings? He has put a good sum in his recent home in Studio City in California, where he has been staying with his family.