At the age of 95, legendary actor Richard Wayne Dick Van Dyke still remains healthy and well. On top of that, he is still very active in doing his day-to-day activities, interests, and hobbies. He is is an actor, comedian, singer, dancer, and writer. His award-winning career has a total of six whole decades. He was made famous by one of the greatest musicals of all time, Marry Poppins. In 2018, the remake of the movie was released called Mary Poppins Returns and this time, Emily Blunt took on the role played by the incomparable Julie Andrews.

Van Dyke remains to be a part of the movie so we take this as a sign that he doesn’t need any retirement anytime soon. This actor also knows that success comes with good investments. He never gave up on making each new role better and he succeeded. He became one of the most sought-after actors during his time. Today, he remains an icon and a legend.