The former First Lady, Michelle Obama, and her husband, former President Barack Obama couldn’t be more proud of their daughters’ individual characters. As these young women grow older each day, the wiser they get. They take after their parents, who are really of great influence to them. Malia is now 22 years old and Sasha is 19. Both of them are really headstrong, smart, and opinionated women. They truly make their generation proud.

Michelle is a very hands-on mother, but never in a controlling way. In fact, she encourages her daughters to speak up. She teaches her daughters the value and importance of using their own individual voices and how extremely powerful it is, not only because they come from one of the most influential families in the world. These days, it is challenging for Malia and Sasha’s parents to sit around the dinner table because they can no longer get a word edgewise in conversations. Michelle and Barack are happy about this as they want their daughters to freely voice out their opinions and thoughts. Creating bold characters for their kids is exactly what this world needs today – credits to these wonderful parents!