50 Celebs With Their Parents And Grandparents Who Inherited More Than Good Looks


The Queen of Pop Madonna is one of the most iconic musicians in the world of entertainment. The seven-time Grammy Award winner’s famous hits include Like A Virgin and Material Girl. However, this legendary superstar is more than just a captivating singer; she is also a supermom to two promising young children Lourdes Leon and Rocco Ritchie. She is doing such a great job raising her two legitimate kids, so she decided to adopt four more, David Banda, Mercy James, and twin-baby-girls Esther and Stella Mwale.

The mother of six is having the time of her life raising her children. The one she is closest to is her firstborn, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, whom she had with her former boyfriend and personal trainer, Carlos Leon, back in 1996. Lourdes is now 24 years old and is ready to make her way into the entertainment industry, giving credit to her mom, Madonna, for her influence and connections. Going to a prestigious school known for the arts is already a step forward for Lourdes. When she graduated from LaGuardia School of Performing Arts in New York, it paved the way for her to score a couple of acting and modeling jobs. This rising young star is indeed following in the footsteps of her iconic mom.