Lady Eloise Anson: Royal Kinship Beyond Compare

Determining the extent of Lady Eloise Anson’s wealth is no simple feat, primarily due to her near-royal status. Lady Eloise’s lineage is deeply steeped in nobility—her late father, Patrick Lichfield, was more than just a photographer; he held the esteemed title of the fifth Earl of Lichfield. Her mother, Leonora Mary Grosvenor, is the daughter of the 5th Duke of Westminster. The connection runs even deeper, as her father was a cousin to the Queen herself, forging a direct link between Lady Eloise and the throne. Notably, her godmother is Anne, The Princess Royal, the Queen’s daughter.

Lady Eloise pursued studies in make-up artistry in London, and recently, she exchanged vows with Louis Waymouth, the Earl of Hardwicke, in a star-studded celebration nestled in the English countryside. Louis Waymouth also demonstrates a strong work ethic, contributing as a writer to the British TV series “Armstrong and Miller.” Despite their aristocratic ties and the considerable wealth of their inherited Earldoms, this couple remains unafraid of putting in diligent effort.