Jerry Seinfeld | $950 MILLION

Hailed as one of the classic comedians on television, Jerry Seinfeld is probably the best or even richest in the industry. With his long-running eponymous TV show, Seinfeld was able to set himself to earn billions. Sadly, the show ended in 1998, yet he was still able to build his net worth at a good amount of $950 million. Attached to his net worth is also an impressive list of investments that kept growing over time and added more value to his estate.

If you haven’t known yet, Seinfeld is famous for his Porsche collection, which is a stress-free habit for him. With the right insurance, he is sure to safeguard all his assets as well and maintain a stress-free life. His total salary from his TV Show Seinfeld was estimated at $267,000,000. In 2004, he earned $100,000,000 from his stand-up comedy performances, while in 2008, he got $10,000,000 for appearing at Microsoft Windows ads along with Microsoft founder Bill Gates.