Grab Your Tissues for the 10 Most Heartbreaking TV Episodes of all Time!

If we learn one thing as TV viewers, heartbreaking situations make compelling viewing. It’s not that we want our beloved TV characters to be miserable. It’s just that their happiness isn’t always as captivating as their sadness. Watching our favorite characters on this list rise from the ashes of sorrow gives us much to root for, often providing us degrees of inspiration and dramatic moments.

Well, it might not be your idea of a good time. However, there’s no disputing the cathartic satisfaction of reliving tear-jerking entertainment. That’s why we decided to produce a list of the saddest TV episodes of all time. Try one of these masterpieces if you’re searching for something that will make you cry out loud. Remember that there will be major spoilers ahead.

1. Honor from The Walking Dead

So, what’s it like to be Rick Grimes? Your best buddy comes first, followed by your wife, pretty much all your allies, and your son.

Carl was a brave and hopeful soul to the end. He realizes he’s on borrowed time after receiving a bite on the abdomen. It was shocking, as he appeared to be one of the few characters who would live to see the end of the series. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the cards. In the episode Honor, he sketches what he sees as his family’s ideal future, and Rick swears to make it a reality.

2. The Rains of Castamere from Game of Thrones

Indeed, “the Lannisters send their compliments.” Even though we knew the Red Wedding was coming, seeing the Stark family is different as we lost them in one horrific incident. Surprisingly, this wasn’t the most depressing Game of Thrones episode ever. Indeed, GOT is worth the investments.

3. Sanctuary from Grey’s Anatomy

Meredith’s voiceover begins noting that the hospital may be frightening for some people. It’s a foreboding message that a gunman would begin a rampage inside the hospital seconds later.

It is more of a succession of moments, which are still distressing to contemplate. In this two-parter, a shooter is loose at the hospital, and everyone is in danger. Everyone should take this seriously as we sobbed the entire show as it was both stressful and nail-biting.

4. Hell Hath No Fury from Charmed

Gas up as the list goes on. Prue passed away in the struggle against Shax. It came as a huge shock to everyone. Moreover, Piper struggled to cope with the loss, restraining her wrath until it burst forth in Hell Hath No Fury.

Paige sensed Piper was mad with Prue, and everything came to a head. She and Leo decide to bring Piper to Prue’s grave. She finally succumbs to her sadness and breaks down in front of the audience. Paige can only stand helplessly and watch as Leo tries to console her.

5. 100 from Criminal Minds

Don’t skip season 5, episode 100, even if it’s sad. Until now, serial killer George Foyet a.k.a. The Reaper, has tormented the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Interestingly, Foyet is a more personal adversary than the typical episode-by-episode antagonist.

Hotch has now become the Reaper’s arch-enemy, laying down the groundwork for the terrible events of the episode.

6. The Quarterback from Glee

The cast of Glee has experienced some awful hardships. It began back in 2013 when the actor passed away before the program’s fifth season aired.

Though we know they would address his untimely passing, nothing could have prepared fans for The Quarterback. The screen cuts to a quick memorial for Cory Monteith, who passed away far too soon, which gave us a different degree of sadness.

7. Swan Song from Supernatural

Season 5 ended with a bang: the Apocalypse. The guys have been attempting to find a means to prevent the Apocalypse for a long time. With no other choice, Sam Winchester ultimately caved in. He accepted in becoming Lucifer’s vessel in an attempt to deceive him and return him to his prison.

After a battle, the boys triumphed and ended the Apocalypse. However, they had done everything they shouldn’t.

8. The Body from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A list of Buffy’s most upsetting episodes includes The Body. From beginning to end, the show is a heartbreaking meditation on passing away. It takes us through the steps of death, including summoning an ambulance, notifying loved ones, and waiting at the hospital.

Later, as she stares at her lifeless body, Dawn asks Buffy where her mother went, posing the same question. It will definitely hit a chord with everyone who has ever lost a loved one.

9. Ozymandias from Breaking Bad

By the fifth season, Walter White has evolved into a nasty, ruthless killer. He went far beyond the cancer-stricken old man he once was.

Jesse has been his consistent partner for many years. However, Walt harbors such contempt that he delivers the most offensive line of conversation in Breaking Bad. This show has always been on top. Indeed a good and wise investment for its producers.

10. In Memoriam from Riverdale

Fred Andrews’ passing was undoubtedly the saddest of all the fatalities on the series thus far. Why? Because it wasn’t supposed to happen. However, actor Luke Perry passed away, so they need to write his character’s passing into the show.

After stopping to help a woman suffering from car problems, Andrews got into an accident. The hit-and-run was from a minor who had made a grave mistake. However, Archie couldn’t bring himself to file charges against him. They included an emotional memorial to him, a tribute to Perry to Mr. Andrews. Again, sadness to a greater degree.

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