Viral Hits: 60 Of the World’s Silliest Selfies

Capturing a picture is a habit that many of us have, especially when we want to preserve a precious moment in our lives. We have also invented many ways to make picture-taking more convenient and fun.
Over the years, photographers have constantly add to their arsenal. Items such as tripods, gimbals, and a wide variety of photo lenses to help their cameras take better shots. But with the smartphone, the average citizen is now given a chance to take nice pictures of their own without making investments on an expensive camera. Given that a mobile phone is smaller than most cameras, a new picture-taking trend eventually joined the mainstream: the selfie.
Though taking a selfie is mostly for self-expression, it can also capture more than a few hilarious moments in someone’s life, which is what you’ll find in this list! In it, we look at some of the funniest candid selfies taken by average people around the world. From the absolutely hilarious to more questionable captures, here are 60 of the silliest selfies found on the internet.

1.Mama’s Bodyguard

In many accounts, a mother’s love is often one of the strongest things that can come from the goodness of people. After all, mothers help their kids grow from infancy to adulthood. What better way to return such a blessing than by ensuring our parent’s safety and wellbeing, too?

For our guy here, it looks like he’s been spending a good portion of investment money toward his health and fitness. While it benefits him, the real reason behind his effort is because he wants to protect his mother! Out of all the bodyguards she can get, there is none more trustworthy than her own child. We’ve got to hand it to him, he really put in an amazing amount of effort!

2.The Mirror Dimension

Before we head out of our homes to start our day, we always look at our appearance in the mirror to make sure we look appropriate. This should be a fairly quick process, not unless we find something wrong with how we are dressed or how our hair looks like for the day. In this case, however, we might need more than just a second glance. In fact, we’d be quite creeped out!

As we all know, some mirrors do distort our reflections to a certain degree. Even carnivals have fun houses dedicated to this—no matter how scary it might seem. How would you feel if you looked at your regular mirror one day and find your image warped? Not quite right for selfies, isn’t it?

3.Probably Me In The Future

For years, researchers have been making investments toward finding out the feasibility of time-traveling. Though we have been shown how it could be done in in stories such as the Back to the Future films, time-traveling is still a long way from becoming a reality. But in the meantime, we can let this man’s selfie be the source of inspiration for our time-traveling fantasies.

Like many others, this man only wanted to take a nice picture of himself. However, call it coincidence or a sign from the universe, but he also managed to capture an older man who just happens to be wearing the same clothes as him. While there’s no doubt that they are two different people, it does look like he accidentally came across his future-self!

4.Now We’re On The Web!

To be scared of something is normal, and this series of surprising events strongly support this case. Among the creepy crawlies that roam the Earth, spiders are often among those that are most feared by people. Fortunately, the ones found in many people’s homes are smaller, non-lethal, and surprisingly scared of humans.

Even so, many people are still afraid of their mere presence, with that fear growing exponentially the closer they are to a person. Perhaps this is the very thing that makes them scarier. The fact that they can be so close to us, without us even knowing. They go around with a degree of stealth, after all. Just take this girl’s gradual transition from gladness to madness perfectly captured in a selfie!

5.Invisible Traffic, Ugh

Taking a selfie while driving is a dangerous thing to do, this is why this girl had to lie about taking one while stuck in traffic. We wonder why she couldn’t have waited until she’s safely parked to take one. It’s safe to say that everyone who saw this picture could easily tell she was simply trying to save face. Too late for that, though, because her little lie has now been immortalized online.

Nevertheless, she is lucky to have avoided potential accidents. Anything can happen, even while one is driving as safely as possible. To risk something like this is ill-advised, so we hope she’s got proper insurance for herself as well. Joke or not, it’s important to think twice about the consequences of our actions.

6.Stabled Focus

You know how our cameras tend to be a degree stubborn when focusing? This happens even when we’re taking selfies. We might end up with a blurred face and a clear background, or just an entirely blurry picture altogether. There are also moments when our cameras seem to be completely against us.

What about those instances when the camera chooses a subject it has deemed more interesting than us? This is exactly what had happened to this guy when he tried to take a selfie of himself. Now, he might be a really cool dude, but it seems like his camera thought otherwise. Just look at what it chose to focus on instead! Now that’s some foul horseplay caught in-frame right there.

7.Ah, Eye See…

Sometimes, people take selfies of themselves because they feel good about how they look in that particular moment and want to preserve it in a picture. By no means is this something to be ashamed of, just check your surroundings before taking your photo, is all.

It isn’t unusual for people to try new things with their appearance ever so often; like putting on different makeup or trying out new clothing styles. For this subject, she outdid herself with a new hairdo and went to take a photo of it by a mirror. She got all of her good angles—and a few other things to boot. We hope she has her health insurance ready because this one is a real shocker.

8.Father-Daughter Bonding

An ideal parent is more than just a figure for their kids to look up to. Parents also serve as lifetime guides and best friends for their kids. To see a parent having fun with their child is always a wholesome sight to see.

With the fast-paced lives we all have today, however, sightings such as the one in this photo are becoming rarer. Most of the time, parents have to work long hours in order to support their family. Nonetheless, as represented by this father and daughter duo, making investments in our family is necessary to a good life. Anyone can see the fun and positive energy that this picture radiates. It’s a reminder that a family that laughs together, stays together.


A moment shared with someone you love and care about is always something worth cherishing. However, this sweet couple may need to call a lawyer and the police because someone deliberately stole their precious moment together.

Most of the time, we overlook the minor details because we are only concerned with how clear the main subject is in a picture. For the most part, that’s fine. After all, we can only make the most with what we’re given. But in many cases, such as this one, it’s those “small details” that become the highlight of any picture. Can you really unsee this moment? It may not be what this couple had planned, but it certainly made for an even more memorable photograph!

10. Oh, Stop It, Me

A mirror is probably one of the most honest piece furniture a person can have in their home. After all, it projects reality as it is. For this photo, however, it just might be a degree too honest.
Mirrors “see” everything. From our happiest moments, to even our saddest. As for recording all of the things we want to remember, that’s a job for our trusty phone cameras. When was the last time you took a mirror selfie? Perhaps not after a drunken night out, right? Well, this lady tried to take a picture of herself after what seems to be a night of partying. The mirror never lies and her hilarious attempt has managed to make the internet chuckle too!


With credit to Christopher Nolan’s mind-boggling blockbuster, Inception, many people on the internet have been coining terms that share similarities to the film’s “dream within a dream” concept. Just take the word selfie-ception, for example. It basically means a “selfie within a selfie”. This photo is an accurate representation of what it is.

When in nature, even while trying to disconnect from technology, a lot of people can’t help but take a selfie to capture their environment. Such is the case with this duo, a man and his furry best friend, who took a “couple” selfie to commemorate the moment. The selfie-ception? Look at their background, there you’ll find the man’s girlfriend captured within frame—while also taking a selfie of her own.

12.Ready To Party

Ke$ha is a singer and songwriter whose fame has grown exponentially with every record she releases. But even back when she was just starting out, the musician was already a well-known figure among the pop-loving crowd. Her popularity is to such a degree that fans even host Ke$ha-themed parties in some places.

The artist has never been shy about her eclectic taste when it comes to fashion and make-up. In fact, many of her fans try to emulate the looks shown in her music videos. As they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery so we’re sure Ke$ha doesn’t mind this at all. Still, it isn’t everyday that people spot this kind of garish fashion so we’re not too surprised that it still leaves some in awe.

13.Feline Hangover

It goes without saying that Prom Night is one of the most precious moments a highschooler can experience. After all, they get to dress up all nice and fancy, then dance the night away with their friends! It is something that many teenagers look forward to.

Our guy right here seems to be loving the suit he got so much that he was too caught up taking photos in it. We’re sure it was quite the investment, but while he’s looking quite dapper in the suit, what’s happening behind him is an entirely different story. You almost missed that one, didn’t you? Hopefully, he did not and gave his pet cat a little TLC before taking more photos of himself.

14.Caught Myself Sleeping

Having someone take a picture of you while you’re sleeping is, more often than not, one of the most embarrassing things ever. This is even truer if the photo in question is of you in a hilarious state. For this guy, however, the only embarrassing thing was his pretense.

Most of the time, especially during sleepovers, many of us would find the golden opportunity to mess around with our friends and take a good photo or video to capture the funny moment. We feel a little bad for this guy here, because he probably wanted a sleepover but none of his friends could make it. He almost succeeded while faking it, so we have to still give him credit for trying.

15.Cat Selfie

These days, just about everyone has a phone and we mean that quite literally. With the influx of easy to use gadgets, some pets have even managed to get some of the action for themselves. It seems like the internet has seen it all. Including cats and dogs that accidentally call or send text messages to their owners!

If you’re among those who believe that taking a good selfie is a skill that takes a considerable time investment to master, you can learn a thing or two from this feline friend. Just look at how this adorable little cat managed to take a selfie together with its owners, without them realizing! It looks like cats truly are a stealthy bunch.

16.Spontaneous Baby Photo

Babies are adorable, there’s no questioning this fact. The degree of their curiosity often puts them in hilarious situations. Just about everything they see is worthy of their attention. This is especially true if you place a weird-looking box thing that sometimes flashes light in front of them. This same curiosity often makes it difficult to take proper photos them—let alone, a selfie.

They are easily distracted and can barely sit in place. Well, this mother certainly didn’t let that deter her. After all, she wants to document her child’s growth, including all the little moments in between. Did she get what she wanted? It may not be the perfect photo she was hoping for, but it certainly is one to remember!

17. Cat Man

It’s always nice to see people not being defined by the stereotypes society has created. After all, anyone can be who they want to be, be a fan of anything they like, and follow the dreams that they want to achieve.

Like every wholesome matter, the picture of this man would undoubtedly be more than enough reason for someone to crack a smile when they see it. Small phone and a big man, who has an even bigger heart for kittens. As this selfie proves, kittens are, without a doubt, strongly deserving of the credit they are given for being the most adorable pets. I mean, if a tough man like him has a soft spot for these cute felines, why can’t we?

18.Ye Olde Smartphone

Back in the day, people communicated in person or through letters should they be a distance apart. Our means of getting in touch with one another has significant improved over the years. From telegrams to phone calls, and then the advent of mobile phones. These investments towards upgrading our communications systems have made life easier, and the world just a bit smaller.

In recent years, phones have become so much more than just a way to communicate with others. Phones now have other features like games, writing down notes, and taking photographs. As for this guy? His impression of what someone from the past would look like taking a mirror selfie using an “old” phone makes for a hilarious reminder of how far technology has come.

19.What Are You Doing?

Most of the time, our elderly are just as curious as babies about the new trends that are happening. Whether it be new ways of doing things such as ordering through a screen instead of an actual person or the use of mobile phones. It’s always fun to see them learn!

Selfies are pretty routine for most people, but it sure looks like grandpa isn’t too familiar with this trend just yet. Perhaps, after this picture was taken, this cool pair had a little chat about the degree of advancement technology has made over the years. After all, grandpa probably never had the chance to take a picture of himself back in the old days – when phones can only do one thing: make calls.

20.Kitty And Me

Without a doubt, a majority of people love pets – even if they don’t own one themselves. Their charms make many people fall for them and selfies are mandatory for such moments! Some pets are small in size, so much so that their owners can carry them in one hand with ease. In this particular selfie, the guy deserves credit for managing to carry his adorably chubby cat in one arm without even breaking a sweat.

While he’s looking relaxed, it’s a different story for his feline friend. This cat looks both shocked and annoyed at being made the subject of a selfie, but we’re sure they were given a nice little treat after. Who wouldn’t give them one? Just look at how cute this cat is!

21.Me And My Bling

Many of us often wear clothes that make us feel comfortable, but is still presentable even in a public setting. There are also those who would go out of their way and spend some investment money on fashion designed to make them stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t come cheap, most of the time.

However, standing out from the crowd isn’t always an objective that’s too expensive to achieve. One such example would be our stylish-looking friend here. They have found the right balance between comfort and fashion that best suits their unique tastes. She and her friends will certainly share a few laughs with this one! It’s a selfie that will make a great (and a touch embarrassing) keepsake for years to come.

22.Riding In Style

Whenever we finally get something that we have always dreamed of, it fills us with such joy and a sense of achievement. These objects can vary in size and price, but the degree of happiness will always be the same for most people. The same goes for this guy, too!

Bicycles have always been the eco-friendly alternative when it comes to transportation. It gets the job done and will even help you get fit. There are also different types of gear that we can use to ensure our safety as well—from helmets, blinkers, and even knee pads! This guy, took it to a whole other level of safety, though. Thanks to the training wheels his bike still has on!

23.This Is Lit

The word “lit” has become deeply ingrained in modern-day slang and is often used in place of words like “cool” and “amazing.” Well, this selfie is, without the smallest speck of doubt, a lit one – both metaphorically and literally.

Perhaps not the safest selfie to take, but can we really blame this guy? It isn’t everyday that something like this happens, after all. If he’s planning telling this story to his family and friends, might as well have a photo proof of what happened, right? Though the story might get a few laughs and gasps of surprise from its listeners, our hope is that this guy has some car insurance to help with the damages. Otherwise, he’d have a bigger problem later on.

24.All ‘Bout That Pug Life

Many people love dogs and would do anything they can to ensure their comfort, safety, and well-being. For others, love is an understatement to when it comes to expressing how much they care for dogs.

Our guy here is quite the dog lover, to such a degree that he even has a shirt designed to have a picture of a dog on it. Thanks to the shirt, he can walk around the city in style and proudly express his love of canines. It may not be designer wear, but it will certainly turn heads. After all, pugs are among the cutest dog breeds out there! Add a touch of humor to it and it will certainly inject good vibes to anyone’s day.

25. Monkeying Around

Many of us are fully aware of the fact that we evolved from monkeys. Well, with this picture, it’s safe to say that we also got some of our charm from them.

Before any thoughts about electricity and technology were even conceived, monkeys have been roaming the jungles, hunting, and ensuring the safety of their kind. Though they aren’t known to make good artworks themselves, monkeys sure know how to make themselves look good in front of the camera – especially this fellow on the right! What was initially supposed to be a selfie taken with monkeys in the background, ended up becoming an even better photo in the end! Who wouldn’t find it adorable to see a monkey crack a smile for the camera?

26.Me And My Owner

There is very good reason why dogs are considered to be man’s best friend. Throughout time, they have always been by mankind’s side and have served as both companion and helper in many different ways. While the beloved pooches we have at home are far more domesticated, they deserve plenty of credit too!

Just think about all the times they have managed to lift your mood! It’s no wonder we consider them to be family and not just pets. Dogs are also known to be jolly creatures—which is why a selfie with them is always a must. It isn’t everyday you find a dog taking a selfie with its owner though! Think your pets can do better? Give it a try today!

27.Wearing My Footwear Somewhere Else

Collecting fashion item such as shoes, is one hobby that many people enjoy. As they make more investments toward their shoe collection, it wouldn’t be too surprising that they become a lot more creative with how they wear them too. Just take this next guy for example.

He seems to be a big fan of all things cool and cozy-looking – just check out his outfit! Talk about an unconventional OOTD. While most of us would rather stash our daily necessities in a purse, he chose to be bold and wear it on himself. His creativity doesn’t stop there, however. We’re thinking he’s on to something here—shoes with pockets might seem strange now, but wait until big brands get a wind of this!

28.This Mirror Goes Two Ways

Sometimes, a mirror is all we need to see things from a different perspective. For this guy, it sure looks like the mirror managed to help him look to the left while looking right. We have seen some really imaginative selfies so far, but this one deserves major points!

They made use of the mirror in a really cool way and created this fun illusion. We wonder why it hasn’t been turned into a meme yet! Think you’ll be able to do better? Try the effect for yourself and who knows? You just might discover something new. Like this guy, just do your best to think outside of the box. We wouldn’t be too surprised if you end up with some hilarious selfies, too!


Everyone deserves a good break every now and then. Some people would often do different recreational activities during the weekends, like taking walks or even going hiking. This varies from person to person, though it serves the same purpose: taking our mind off of our worries. Such is the case with office workers and students.

After a long week of work and classes, sleep seems to be the most ideal way to spend the weekend. These people had other ideas, however. Instead of staying at home, they packed up, got some gas, and went on an adventure. A photo souvenir is a must for the mother and daughter pair! However, after taking their picture, the duo eventually discovered that there are many other “ways” for people to have fun!

30.Cock-A-Doodle-Do I Look Good?

Vacationing on a luxurious yacht is perhaps one of the most relaxing getaways one can have. Being in the middle of the ocean and listening to the sound of the waves without worry is a privilege many would pay for. Given such, there are certain things to expect once you’re aboard. We’re sure the crowing of a rooster isn’t one!

But this company certainly had other ideas. Whether the rooster is part of their group or a genius creature that wanted to take a ride, too, we can’t deny how adorable this photo is! It’s one for the books, so to speak. Unlike this rooster, though, we might need some personal loans in order to experience this type of vacation!

31.Almost Thought It Was The Baby’s Hairdo

This comes as no surprise, but most people do love being with their children and their pets. Case in point: this doting father! Not only does he seem happy just hanging out with his “children”, he didn’t fail to get a picture of the moment too. He should have let the doggo finish with his business first because, though, because he ended up with this hilarious selfie. When nature calls, doggos must answer!

Like children, our pets also deserve love and care. As their humans, we have a responsibility to uphold when it comes to caring for them so consider looking into pet insurance. In the event that your beloved pooch or cat gets sick, it will be helpful toward managing their health!

32.Lil Roommate

Almost every woman loves getting dressed up all fancy ever so often. There’s simply too many beautiful dresses and too little opportunities for some to wear one. As such, whenever the moment presents itself, we always make sure to capture it in a photo. However, no matter how pretty the dress is, please do check your background when taking the shot.

Just take this lady for example. It’s a gorgeous dress that she’s wearing, which calls to mind a high degree of dazzling fanciness. However, it isn’t enough to distract people from noticing the cluttered room behind her. That’s not all—if you look closely, you’ll see a rat’s tail poking from beneath a pile of clothes! We hope she did clean up after taking the picture.


Sporting competitions are one of the few things people would more than willingly shave some points off their credit card for – and what better way to savor the moment than by snapping a selfie of yourself at the location. Just always make sure that you’re in a safe area before doing so!

Baseball is one of the most popular sport events that happen every year. Each game can easily fill a stadium to its peak capacity. This selfie was taken –pre-game, while the players were still warming up. That should have made it safe, but there’s always some risk involved. One ball almost hit her, but she had the reflexes to get out of its way. If she hadn’t? Well, let’s just hope she’s insured properly!

34.Eyes On The Ice Cream

It’s no secret that everyone loves ice cream. They’re yummy, come in a variety of flavors, and are a nice cold treat to eat, especially in the high-degree temperatures of the summer season. This selfie further supports the case that everyone loves ice cream – including our beloved pooches.

Even if it isn’t a hot day, almost everyone would undoubtedly enjoy a nice bowl or cone of ice cream with the flavor of their choice. As for this lady, she definitely seems like she’s enjoying the sweet treat. It’s not just her, too. Her four-legged friend seems to be loving his own special treat. We hope these two shared or got a portion each—otherwise, we imagine it would have gotten ruff!

35.Too Close To Nature

Going to places where the rustling of leaves and the swaying of tree branches are louder than the sounds coming from the urban jungle is a good way to spend some days off from work for some people. For this lady, however, her degree of enthusiasm for nature was probably a little too strong.

People love nature in varying ways. Some would rather relax by the beachside and avoid any strenuous activities. Others prefer something more adventurous, like hiking just like this subject. She went for a nice hike and decided to take a selfie of herself along the way. Although the picture itself is pretty neat, the ground she was lying on wasn’t. In fact, she only noticed the dog doo-doo when someone commented about it!

36.What’s In There, Doggo?

For the most part, even a good hair day is a reason enough for people to take a quick selfie of themselves. But for this one, we should also give the dog some credit for making the people who saw this photo just a little bit curious about the potential treasure hiding in the toilet.

Although the lady taking the selfie took the picture with the intent to show off her lovely set of earrings and the butterfly tattoos on her back, those who saw it likely paid more attention to her dog in the background. The photo caught him sniffing the toilet and seemingly reaching for what might be hidden in it. Don’t you want to know how this story went too?

37.Weird Flex, But Okay

Many people would spend a portion of their investment money on a gym or fitness center membership to work out and improve their overall physique and appearance. More often than not, they would also take a picture to showcase their physical growth while emphasizing their newly developed muscles.

For this guy here, it seems like he’s been making efforts toward improving his physique, though it’s probably still too early for a celebratory selfie. After all, the road to improvement is often a long and tough one. It always takes time and one can never rush the process. We’re sure that after a few more months of pumping some iron and doing other exercises, there will be noticeable results! Patience is key.

38.Caught By The Selfie Police

Stealing is one of the most common crimes with incidents dating back to times when electricity hasn’t even been thought of yet. But with each passing year providing a breakthrough – in some form – to technology, theft is a crime that is often easily solved.

Nowadays, many people have access to cloud storage, a place on the internet where people can choose to keep their data, like pictures and videos. This relatively new feature has proven its usefulness time and again. In this case, after one person had their iPad stolen the thief took a selfie with it. The photo was stored in the owner’s iCloud, exposing his face and whereabouts. Eventually, after the police received his location, the thief was successfully arrested.

39.Thanks For The Help, Mate

Many people have their own style of humor. For this policeman, it seems like his taste in comedy is right up the alley of these two fellows. By the looks of it, these two guys made a call for assistance. Though their reason might have been nothing serious, the police still deserve the credit they received for arriving as soon as possible.

As a way to preserve this awesome night, the two guys decided to take a selfie with some of the police officers. This alone shows how well they got along. Although one officer flipped the bird at them, we’re sure it was all done in good humor, and they all had a laugh out of it in the end.

40.Baby Selfie

For parents, there are many milestones that they would want to keep a record of. From their child’s first steps to when they finally say their first set of words. With recent improvements in technology, it would only be a matter of time until a baby can finally take its own a selfie. Well, for this family, that time has certainly come.

Raising a baby is one of the best investments anyone can make. Since babies are often fast learners, you might be surprised at what they can pick up just by watching those around them. Just take this toddler for example. She was enjoying her time in the bathtub so much that she decided to take a selfie of herself!

41.Meanwhile, In The Airport

Flying by plane for the first time is often one of the most exciting experiences anyone can have. People even take out loans to go on holidays abroad! For these girls, it seems like they exceeded the usual excitement that many people have before their flights.

Many passengers rest in the boarding area after buying some drinks and snacks. They also make final preparations before their flight. For this group of travelers, it sure seems like they didn’t need some rest and resorted to taking a few selfies to cherish every moment of their trip instead. However, the person sitting behind them is not too happy about all the ruckus. Hopefully, these girls quieted down after they have boarded the plane!

42.A Chest-stache

Facial hair is often considered by men to be a strong sign of masculinity. But for some, that’s beginner level when it comes to facial hair. Men, have you ever considered getting your chest hair shaved to look like facial hair? Humor us for a minute.

More often than not, many men have spent a few points on their credit cards toward getting their facial hair styled to a particular look. They often take inspiration from a few celebrities who are well-known for their beards, mustache, or both. But, for this guy here, he decided to go minimalist with his facial hair, but he does have a hidden card. He upped the ante by also giving his chest a mustache of its own!

43.Traffic Buddies

When in traffic, stress and other frustrations can begin to crop up. Instead of focusing on the difficulty ahead, there are other things that drivers can do to pass the time. Reading, snacking, to even playing games on their phone—there are plenty of options.

Traffic is often a stressful predicament, but while your car burns gas and the traffic continues to get tighter, try not to let it get to you. Just take this girl for example! She had been taking selfies while waiting for the light to go green. We bet she wasn’t expecting to find people willing to join in the fun as well! Safe to say that traffic can sometimes establish a brief moment of friendship between drivers.

44.A Dog Selfie

Selfies are pretty uncomplicated to take. As long as you know your angles and have nice lighting, it usually comes out great. However, some prefer to showcase a new degree of creativity behind their selfies – like this dog, for example.

Dogs are one of the best pets and companions anyone can have. Aside from keeping their owners safe, dogs also happen to have quite a sense of humor and would even play along for a gag. And for this dog-owner duo, they decided to, in a sense, take a selfie together. Though the picture was made for wholesome comedic purposes, the peace sign is more than enough to inspire those who see the photo to share warm hugs and lots of love.


For most selfies in this article, the mirror is often the punchline of the joke since they often bring a dose of reality to the picture itself. Though that may be the case, these people still deserve some credit for trying to be creative with their selfies. Just look at this guy who was using his feet to make the picture look like it was taken by someone else.

Despite the fact that the mirror debunked how this picture was taken, it also made it more impressive and humorous. After all, using your feet to take a selfie of yourself is far more impressive than having someone wake you up to take a photo. Though some might find this cringey, we think it’s genius!

46.Siblings Being Siblings

Many family dramas in movies and TV shows often show a sibling dynamic where they would mess with each other, while not bearing any hard feelings after. Our next photo certainly supports the “art imitates life” statement. These two siblings show that this dynamic doesn’t only exist in fiction.

Clothes and other accessories often make people feel comfortable with themselves whenever they go out of their homes to face whatever the day has in store. For this lady, she took a photo showing off her newest investments—clearly proud of them. It was at this point, however, that her younger brother to invade the selfie in the most hilarious way possible! We can imagine the squabble after, but we’re sure all was well in the end.

47.Best Friends

Many people have a best friend with whom they always spend a lot of time with. Though they may sometimes have different interests, these best friends will surely be there for each other, especially when needed.

A person’s degree of interest in something often varies from other people, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be good friends. For these two, it’s clear that one is really into fashion, while the other prefers being cozy and being quite simple. This hasn’t stopped them from having fun together, as seen in the photo! By the looks of it, the bond they share is so strong that they aren’t even embarrassed to be themselves around each other. Aside from family, the strongest bond people share is often with their best friends.

48.My Morning Routine Summarized

Everyone has a morning routine they follow whenever they are getting ready for the day. This could include enjoying a cup of coffee while browsing through the news. As for this guy, he managed to summarize his routine in one interesting mirror selfie.

Though many selfies are often taken in front of a bathroom mirror, this guy used a bit of creativity and came up with something new. We’re sure, it’s no easy task to maintain a pose like that, keeping a laptop all safe and balanced with your legs while trying to take a clear picture of yourself. Has he been putting investments toward yoga? As odd as it might look, its photos like these that really start trends!

49.The Multi-Angle Selfie

A person’s creativity is only bound by the limits of their imagination. With this picture, it’s safe to say that people are willing to exert effort into almost anything they set their eyes on, even a selfie.

More often than not, selfies are usually done with only one phone, held by their hand. However, for this guy, he decided to take two selfies at the same time by using his hands and feet—without falling to the flooring! The behind-the-scenes shot really show us the effort put into creating it. Sure, it made us chuckle, but we are also impressed by his skill. Who knows? Perhaps he can up his ante and go for a selfie using four different phones.

50.A Handstand Selfie

Some selfies show hilarious unexpected moments, while there are those that were staged. The latter, if done right, can be just as funny. Just take our next selfie for example—can you imagine the thought process that went into this one? Perhaps the better question is: Can you do a handstand while taking a photo, too?

Although many people are great multitaskers, this guy managed to take the art of multitasking up a degree. After all, taking a typical selfie is already a somewhat tricky thing to do on its own, especially when you have to find the “right angle” for the photo. But he managed to accomplish that by using his foot! Taking a clear photo and doing a handstand at the same time? Impressive.


Over the years, many research facilities have made investments toward the creation of “invisible” equipment. While they have managed to accomplish this to some extent, they have nothing on this girl. Just look at how she manages to blend in well with the bathroom tiles. No high-tech clothes needed here!

It’s often a funny and strange experience to encounter a person who happens to be wearing the same clothes as you, especially if they’re strangers. But things get even funnier when people end up wearing the same design as the room they’re in! Not only is it worthy of a selfie, it’s a story they can retell for a long time. After all, how often can one person end up twinning with a wall?

52.What’s Going On In The Backseat?

More often than not, boredom happens when people cannot think of a good way to keep themselves entertained. It can occur at any given time, even during the middle of a traffic jam. Some people use their credit card and go online shopping to pass the time, while others do what is shown in the photo.

By the looks of it, the duo seems to have been stalled in traffic for quite some time – and the lady in the back has begun to pull some hilarious faces to inject humor into the situation. Thanks to her funny antics, the driver also got a good laugh while waiting for the traffic to move. After all, we have been taught that laughter is a remedy for just about anything!

53.Taking A Water Break

Many small moments often capture our attention, like the leaves falling from the trees or the clouds slowly moving across the sky. During these moments, everything else seemingly becomes irrelevant. This selfie works in the same way. We should be focusing on the main subject of the photo, but our attention shifts to something else: her little sibling trying to drink from the tap.

Perhaps she should pay a bit more attention to what’s happening around her as well. That small fellow is certainly putting in great effort in order to get a drink, while avoiding being in the photo. Little did he know, he would later become the main focus of it. We hope she used some investment money to treat this little boy to something nice after!

54.Another Win For The Selfie Police

Most of the time, viral selfies only circulate in various social media platforms and forums. There are rare cases where they manage to gain popularity beyond the internet. That was the case when it came to this lady’s selfie. Her “stolen” photos made it to the news broadcasts!
The lady in question stole an iPad and, for some reason, decided to take photos of herself. This hilarious selfie was the only one decent enough to put on broadcast so you can imagine that even her lawyer probably got a little chuckle out of this. Like the previously mentioned theft incident, her selfie was tracked by the tablet’s owner, who gave her location to the police. They found her and she was successfully arrested.

55.Sleeping On A Higher Level

Getting a good night’s rest is essential for one’s well-being. For this guy, he managed to show everyone that some people can sleep in any position and location, maybe even on top of a door.

Many people often need to sleep in a particular position to get cozy before dozing off until the morning. However, though this selfie is an exaggerated representation of the statement, there are people who are actually like this. They can sleep just about anywhere, to the degree that they no longer need a bed. All that matters, in the end, is that they get the proper amount and quality of rest their body needs. This should allow them to face the next day recharged and energized.

56.A Boy With His Gym Bod

These days, becoming physically fit and taking care of one’s appearance is becoming more commonplace. We are more aware of our health’s value and also want to be more comfortable in our bodies. For this kid, however, getting a muscular body is as easy as copy and paste.

Many people spend a portion of their investment money on a gym or fitness center to achieve this body goal. If you are too young to go to the gym, why not choose the easy route? There are kids who edit their pictures by replacing their torso with that of a muscular one. Though this edit isn’t flawless, it’s still quite impressive (and hilarious). Who knows? It might inspire him to really work out some day.

57.The Surprised Selfie

Being a fan of something or someone is totally normal. Fans vary when it comes to how they express their love for a particular idol or group. Some are more low-key, while others are more open. However, this girl may just be a little too enthusiastic about her favorite group.

In one way or another, she does deserve recognition for being unabashedly proud of the idols she adores. One Direction would have appreciate this particular selfie, in our opinion. We wonder just how much she has spent on the merch? We imagine it required quite an investment to accomplish! Not only do fans listen to music, they also spend money on their favorites. If we saw the amount, we’d probably make the same face foo.

58.I Can Fly

Long before first automobile, many people were already wishing to possess the power of flight. We may have aircrafts today, but won’t it be fun to just fly around whenever want to? No more waiting in line or using your credit card to buy tickets.

With the advent of photographs, people have always tried to create the illusion of flight. Today, they are able to do it in more creative ways. For instance, after using a little forced perspective on the camera, this kid managed to make himself look like he was flying towards the room. Although it’s a fairly simple thing to do, it is still impressive! Doesn’t it make you feel nostalgic for the times you ran around with a cape tied around your neck?

59.Through The Glass

It can’t be denied that there are many creative ways to use a mirror when it comes to taking a picture, but have you ever thought about using a window? Just check out this guy’s unique selfie.

Most of the time, stores have their windows and glass doors tinted. It is for this reason that these windows are sometimes used as alternatives for mirrors. Think about it, have you ever stopped to check yourself out on a storefront window? As long as you didn’t pose like this guy—it should have been a pretty innocent thing to do. It’s safe to say that the people inside the store would have rolled over in laughter upon seeing this. Remember, there are double-sided mirrors so be careful where you’re posing!

60.The “Candid” Shot

Many of the celebrities we follow have a natural charisma to them, which makes them look cool at all times. Meanwhile, others try a little too hard to emulate that. In some cases, they end up doing it to a degree where they end up embarrassing themselves instead.

There is a time and place for selfies, but we can’t blame people for taking random ones throughout their day. Just look at this guy who took one in the middle of his commute. A candid selfie? Well, he tried. While we do give him kudos for being bold enough to take one, we do wonder what the other passengers thought of the whole thing. After all, it isn’t everyday you get to see a scene such as this one!

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