Viral Hits: 60 Of the World’s Silliest Selfies

Capturing a picture is a habit that many of us have, especially when we want to preserve a precious moment in our lives. We have also invented many ways to make picture-taking more convenient and fun.
Over the years, photographers have constantly add to their arsenal. Items such as tripods, gimbals, and a wide variety of photo lenses to help their cameras take better shots. But with the smartphone, the average citizen is now given a chance to take nice pictures of their own without making investments on an expensive camera. Given that a mobile phone is smaller than most cameras, a new picture-taking trend eventually joined the mainstream: the selfie.
Though taking a selfie is mostly for self-expression, it can also capture more than a few hilarious moments in someone’s life, which is what you’ll find in this list! In it, we look at some of the funniest candid selfies taken by average people around the world. From the absolutely hilarious to more questionable captures, here are 60 of the silliest selfies found on the internet.

1.Mama’s Bodyguard

In many accounts, a mother’s love is often one of the strongest things that can come from the goodness of people. After all, mothers help their kids grow from infancy to adulthood. What better way to return such a blessing than by ensuring our parent’s safety and wellbeing, too?

For our guy here, it looks like he’s been spending a good portion of investment money toward his health and fitness. While it benefits him, the real reason behind his effort is because he wants to protect his mother! Out of all the bodyguards she can get, there is none more trustworthy than her own child. We’ve got to hand it to him, he really put in an amazing amount of effort!

2.The Mirror Dimension

Before we head out of our homes to start our day, we always look at our appearance in the mirror to make sure we look appropriate. This should be a fairly quick process, not unless we find something wrong with how we are dressed or how our hair looks like for the day. In this case, however, we might need more than just a second glance. In fact, we’d be quite creeped out!

As we all know, some mirrors do distort our reflections to a certain degree. Even carnivals have fun houses dedicated to this—no matter how scary it might seem. How would you feel if you looked at your regular mirror one day and find your image warped? Not quite right for selfies, isn’t it?

3.Probably Me In The Future

For years, researchers have been making investments toward finding out the feasibility of time-traveling. Though we have been shown how it could be done in in stories such as the Back to the Future films, time-traveling is still a long way from becoming a reality. But in the meantime, we can let this man’s selfie be the source of inspiration for our time-traveling fantasies.

Like many others, this man only wanted to take a nice picture of himself. However, call it coincidence or a sign from the universe, but he also managed to capture an older man who just happens to be wearing the same clothes as him. While there’s no doubt that they are two different people, it does look like he accidentally came across his future-self!

4.Now We’re On The Web!

To be scared of something is normal, and this series of surprising events strongly support this case. Among the creepy crawlies that roam the Earth, spiders are often among those that are most feared by people. Fortunately, the ones found in many people’s homes are smaller, non-lethal, and surprisingly scared of humans.

Even so, many people are still afraid of their mere presence, with that fear growing exponentially the closer they are to a person. Perhaps this is the very thing that makes them scarier. The fact that they can be so close to us, without us even knowing. They go around with a degree of stealth, after all. Just take this girl’s gradual transition from gladness to madness perfectly captured in a selfie!

5.Invisible Traffic, Ugh

Taking a selfie while driving is a dangerous thing to do, this is why this girl had to lie about taking one while stuck in traffic. We wonder why she couldn’t have waited until she’s safely parked to take one. It’s safe to say that everyone who saw this picture could easily tell she was simply trying to save face. Too late for that, though, because her little lie has now been immortalized online.

Nevertheless, she is lucky to have avoided potential accidents. Anything can happen, even while one is driving as safely as possible. To risk something like this is ill-advised, so we hope she’s got proper insurance for herself as well. Joke or not, it’s important to think twice about the consequences of our actions.

6.Stabled Focus

You know how our cameras tend to be a degree stubborn when focusing? This happens even when we’re taking selfies. We might end up with a blurred face and a clear background, or just an entirely blurry picture altogether. There are also moments when our cameras seem to be completely against us.

What about those instances when the camera chooses a subject it has deemed more interesting than us? This is exactly what had happened to this guy when he tried to take a selfie of himself. Now, he might be a really cool dude, but it seems like his camera thought otherwise. Just look at what it chose to focus on instead! Now that’s some foul horseplay caught in-frame right there.

7.Ah, Eye See…

Sometimes, people take selfies of themselves because they feel good about how they look in that particular moment and want to preserve it in a picture. By no means is this something to be ashamed of, just check your surroundings before taking your photo, is all.

It isn’t unusual for people to try new things with their appearance ever so often; like putting on different makeup or trying out new clothing styles. For this subject, she outdid herself with a new hairdo and went to take a photo of it by a mirror. She got all of her good angles—and a few other things to boot. We hope she has her health insurance ready because this one is a real shocker.

8.Father-Daughter Bonding

An ideal parent is more than just a figure for their kids to look up to. Parents also serve as lifetime guides and best friends for their kids. To see a parent having fun with their child is always a wholesome sight to see.

With the fast-paced lives we all have today, however, sightings such as the one in this photo are becoming rarer. Most of the time, parents have to work long hours in order to support their family. Nonetheless, as represented by this father and daughter duo, making investments in our family is necessary to a good life. Anyone can see the fun and positive energy that this picture radiates. It’s a reminder that a family that laughs together, stays together.


A moment shared with someone you love and care about is always something worth cherishing. However, this sweet couple may need to call a lawyer and the police because someone deliberately stole their precious moment together.

Most of the time, we overlook the minor details because we are only concerned with how clear the main subject is in a picture. For the most part, that’s fine. After all, we can only make the most with what we’re given. But in many cases, such as this one, it’s those “small details” that become the highlight of any picture. Can you really unsee this moment? It may not be what this couple had planned, but it certainly made for an even more memorable photograph!

10. Oh, Stop It, Me

A mirror is probably one of the most honest piece furniture a person can have in their home. After all, it projects reality as it is. For this photo, however, it just might be a degree too honest.
Mirrors “see” everything. From our happiest moments, to even our saddest. As for recording all of the things we want to remember, that’s a job for our trusty phone cameras. When was the last time you took a mirror selfie? Perhaps not after a drunken night out, right? Well, this lady tried to take a picture of herself after what seems to be a night of partying. The mirror never lies and her hilarious attempt has managed to make the internet chuckle too!