Celebrity Pets With Incredible Social Media Presence

Finn – Amanda Seyfried’S Australian Shepherd

Actress Amanda Seyfried has always been quite vocal about her love of animals. Aside from being an Animal Society Ambassador, she is also known to make investments towards various rescues. Amanda is also an advocate for raising awareness when it comes to the 9,000 cats and dogs that are waiting to be adopted every single day.
By her side is Finn, an Australian Shepherd, who Amanda met through a production coordinator she worked with on Big Love. Like his famous mom, Finn also has fans of his own—82,200 fans to be exact! You can follow Finn’s adventures on his Instagram account.

Smooshy – Kaley Cuoco’S Miniature Horse

She might be smaller than the average horse, but Smooshy certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to cuteness and personality. Just ask her 100,000+ followers on Instagram! The page was set up by The Big Bang Theory star, Kaley Cuoco. The actress adopted the adorable miniature horse soon after she was rescued. Suffice to say, it was love at first sight for these two.
It may cost them quite a bit of investment to accommodate Smooshies needs better, but we have no doubt that it’s worth every penny. Fun fact: Smooshy was even a guest of honor during Kaley and Karl’s wedding back in 2018!

Ru – Edward Enninful Boston Terrier

One quick look at Ru’s social media and it’s clear to see—this adorable pooch is as photogenic as they come. Of course, that’s not at all surprising considering who Ru’s dad is: British Vogue editor, Edward Enninful. Ru’s Instagram page currently has 16,300 followers and counting. On it, he updates his “fans” when it comes to the latest trends for humans and canines alike.
But don’t expect to see photos of Ru taking naps on the bare flooring! This cutie only lounges in style—snuggled in Chanel blankets. After all, his dad only wants the best for this jet-setting good boy.

Choupette – Karl Lagerfeld’s Birman Cat

She just might be one of the cutest heiresses in the world. Choupette’s Instagram page currently has 263,000 followers and counting, with much credit to her adorable photos. But, what do we really know about this ultra-chic kitty cat?
Aside from inheriting a significant fortune from her dad, Karl Lagerfeld, she has also won over legions of Chanel fans worldwide. The question on everyone’s lips: Where is Choupette? Well, you’d be glad to know that she’s living with her nanny in Paris. She even has her own agent and is signed with an agency! Needless to say, she’s every bit an IT girl.

Tyson – Jennifer Lopez’S Goldendoodle

This adorable Goldendoodle belongs to Jennifer Lopez’s family and has quite the story to how he got his name. When his account was first set up, J.Lo asked his followers for name suggestions. Let’s just say, that caused quite the ruckus amongst fans of the singer! The options: Yankee Doodle and Tyson.
Fortunately for the adorable pup, Jennifer Lopez’s son Max chose the best out of the two: Tyson. Fanfare aside, the degree of love the family has for the pup is palpable. Tyson clearly feels the exact same way. He’s always gushing about his “dad” Max to his 20,000+ followers on Instagram!

Nugget – Katy Perry’S Teacup Poodle

Nugget is certainly no stranger to the spotlight. After all, she often accompanies her mom to various events—even in performances. With so much experience to her credit, it’s no wonder that she wanted to take a bite out of stardom as well. Nugget recently made her debut in a national advertising campaign for Citi’s Double Cash Card!
But what about her sibling, Butters? We’ll have to wait and see if they’ll follow in Nugget’s footsteps, too. Perhaps social media stardom is more of Butters’ style. For more of the adorable pair, keep an eye out for them on Miss Nugget Perry’s Instagram.

Noodle Aka Noods – Kaitlyn Bristowe And Jason Tartick’S Golden Retriever

His full name is Ramen Noodle Vino, but you may call this handsome pup Noods for short. He was rescued from the streets of South Korea. Kaitlyn and Jason met him through the organization, Bunny’s Buddies who were fundraising for Noodle.
The couple fell in love with the retriever and decided that they will bring him home once the surgery is done. We have to give Kaitlyn and Jason credit for choosing to adopt! These days, Noods is living his best life in Nashville with his mom and dad. His adventures are documented on his Instagram page where he currently has over 200,000 followers.

Norman And Bambi – Kylie Jenner’s Italian Greyhounds

Norman and Bambi are just two of Kylie Jenner’s nine dogs, but there’s no questioning the fact that she loves each of them equally. In fact, the entrepreneur and reality-TV star even missed out on the 2016 American Music Awards because the pair had puppies. Among the other gifts she lavishes on her pets? A luxury doghouse built specifically for her pampered pooches!
Normie and Bambi do “earn their keep”, so to speak. This chic looking pair currently has over 300,000 followers and counting on Instagram. There, they showcase the luxury investments their mom has made for all nine of the pups.

Moses – Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino’S Golden Retriever

The Jersey Shore star, Mike Sorrentino may appear tough and intimidating but in reality? He’s actually a softie for his adorable Golden Retriever, Moses. Mike received the adorable pup for his 30th birthday—a thoughtful gift from his sister. From the get-go, the two were inseparable. According to Mike, Moses is such a chick magnet that he deserves his own Instagram page as well!
King Mosely, as the account is aptly called, documents Moses’ daily life. From adorable snaps taken by his mom and dad to hilarious videos of him watching the NBA finals! We the Sorrentino’s got this good boy pet insurance too.

Miss Asia Kinney – Lady Gaga’S French Bulldog

Asia may carry Taylor Kinney’s last name, but she’s all about her mom. The singer may have since split with Taylor, but it’s clear that the puppy they once shared is thriving and living her best life. Just check out Asia’s Instagram page and you’ll see what a natural she is in front of the camera. Did you know that she’s even posed for Coach in the past?
Aside from modeling, Asia also has investments in designing. The proceeds from this collection will be donated to local organizations. She may wear jeweled collars, but Miss Asia has a heart of gold.