50 Celebs With Their Parents And Grandparents Who Inherited More Than Good Looks

Princess Diana & Prince William

Princess Diana was 36-year-old when she died from a car accident in 1997. His firstborn, Prince William, was only 15 at the time while his younger brother, Prince Harry only 12. The two both inherited Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s combination of good looks. But more than that, having a degree of being a British royal that he is, the Duke of Cambridge is also set to inherit a much bigger responsibility. He is the second in the line of succession to the British throne, next to Prince Charles, his father. His first-born Duke of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Prince George, is third to the throne.

Since Princess Diana was a member of the royal family, she shouldered a variety of royal responsibilities to help the Queen and had contributed a lot to this country. Princess Diana had earned a long-lasting popularity among the public because of her innovative method in dealing with the charity career, which was seen as a breakthrough compared with the tradition.