Extra Big Stars And Their Net Worth

Pierce Brosnan | $100 MILLION

Pierce Brosnan is the 5th James Bond who is marked for his credit roles in the spy movies. Although he tried appearing in a handful of different movie genres, they’re nothing like his James Bond films. Brosnan is also known to be an excellent film producer, and for his environmental advocacies, which contributed a lot to the support of his movies. In 2003, Queen Elizabeth II awarded Brosnan the Order of the British Empire. As an Irish citizen, he could not obtain full knighthood.

Finally, in 2004, he became an American citizen, with dual citizenship in the United States and Ireland. He is married to Keely Shaye Smith, an American journalist back in 2001. Today, their almost 20-year old marriage is applauded and commended by many fans. Also, another Brosnan feat is his well built up net worth of $100 million. It’s just really cool how this 007 is just set for life.