50 Celebs With Their Parents And Grandparents Who Inherited More Than Good Looks

Princess Diana & Prince William

Princess Diana was 36-year-old when she died from a car accident in 1997. His firstborn, Prince William, was only 15 at the time while his younger brother, Prince Harry only 12. The two both inherited Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s combination of good looks. But more than that, having a degree of being a British royal that he is, the Duke of Cambridge is also set to inherit a much bigger responsibility. He is the second in the line of succession to the British throne, next to Prince Charles, his father. His first-born Duke of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Prince George, is third to the throne.

Since Princess Diana was a member of the royal family, she shouldered a variety of royal responsibilities to help the Queen and had contributed a lot to this country. Princess Diana had earned a long-lasting popularity among the public because of her innovative method in dealing with the charity career, which was seen as a breakthrough compared with the tradition.

Catherine Zeta-Jones & Carys Zeta Douglas

A-list actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has remained youthful even at the age of 50. In fact, she can still pass as an older sister to her daughter Carys Zeta Douglas. With Catherine being her mother, the 17-year-old rising star has insurance of being beautiful and ever-talented just like her mom. ON the other hand, having a big-time actor and producer Michael Kirk Douglas as her father made it even easier for Carys to enter Hollywood for her credentials. But despite being privileged, Carys is well-raised by her parents with good manners, having a sense of restraint without giving all the cards she has in one go.

After years of her career, Catherine Zeta-Jones had been recognized by a series of awards such as Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award and a Tony Award. This actress also devoted herself to the charity work so that she was named as Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Catherine Zeta-Jones was also preferred by many famous brands as one of the most excellent celebrity endorsers.

Grace Kelly & Camille Gottlieb At Age 20

Actress-turned-Princess Grace Kelly gave birth to Princess Stephanie of Monaco, her daughter with Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Princess Stephanie had two failed marriages. But what shocked many was when the news broke about her having a daughter named Camille Gottlieb with Palais Princier in Monaco palace guard Jean Raymond Gottlieb. However, having a princess as a mother is not insurance to have a throne. In the rules of the royals, Camille is not legitimate for a throne in Monaco because her parents are never married. Despite this, she still undoubtedly looks royal with her genes. Now in her early 20s, Camille resembles the beauty of her grandmother Grace Kelly.

After quitting acting at 26, Grace Kelly took up the post of Princess of Monaco. Her charity work focuses on young children and art, with the establishment of The Princess Grace Foundation in 1964 to support local artisans. Her organization for the rights of the child — AMADE Mondiale, has been granted consultative status within UNICEF and UNESCO.

Lori Loughlin & Olivia Jade Giannelli

Lori Loughlin was an American actress and producer. She is famous for playing Rebecca Donaldson Casopolis in ABC sitcom Full House and its Netflix sequel. Loughlin is also famous for the role of Jody Travis, The Edge Of The Night. Lori Loughlin is also one of the co-creators of two seasons in WB series of Summerland.

Full House actress Lori Loughlin definitely nailed her character as Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis. Her performance even leads her to reprise her role in Fuller House to be shown on Netflix. But what amazing fans the most is her resemblance with her equally beautiful daughter Olivia Jade Giannulli with fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli. Now at 20-year-old, Olivia is slowly etching her career in the industry. Olivia enjoys the fame of being a social media celebrity and earning on her own just like many stars her age. With her YouTube channel and other social media platforms, Olivia certainly had to seeks guidance from her parents on money management and lessons on maintaining her budding career.

P. Diddy & Jessie James Combs, D’Lila Star Combs

P.Diddy was born in New York city and grew up on Mount Vernon, New York. Before he founded his record company “Bad Boy Entertainment” in 1993, he worked as a talented director at Uptown Record company. P.Diddy, real name Sean John Combs, is a world-class rapper who has earned millions of dollars throughout his career as a rapper, actor, entrepreneur and record producer.

He currently has a net worth of US$740 million and is not seeing any potential personal bankruptcy even when he is supporting six kids from different women. Two of P. Diddy’s kids ate twins named Jessie James and D’Lila Star Combs, his kids with Kim Porter. Even at such a young age, the twins look a lot like their famous father. Many are looking forward to them entering Hollywood but there surely are taking the time of their lives as they are still at a very young age.

Frank Sinatra & AJ Lambert

As an American singer, actor and producer, Francis Albert Sinatra was considered as one of the greatest talents in music who were popularly and influentially recognized during the 20th century. With the sales of over 150 million records across the world, Francis Albert Sinatra ranked one of the most wealthy musicians at home and aboard.

Legendary singer and music icon Frank Sinatra may have left the world a long time ago but his love for music runs definitely runs in his family. His daughter Nancy Sinatra gave birth to Angela Jennifer or also known as A.J Lambert, who is a singer in Los Angeles. She definitely would like to carry on the legacy of his grandfather through her own music and released her debut album at the age of 44. Along with her sister Amanda Catherin Lambert, the two received a whopping $1 million each as an inheritance from their grandfather, which they may have used for their personal investments.

Peggy Lipton & Rashida Jones

Margaret Ann Lipton was born on August 30, 1946 at New York City, U.S. and died on May 11, 2019 at Los Angeles, California. She was born in a rich Jewish family in New York, and she was the daughter of an artist Rita Benson and a company lawyer Harold. Fans love it when they see a mother-daughter tandem doing appearances on TV and on the big screens. One of them is Rashida Jones and Peggy Lipton. The latter, who died in 2019, was a fan favorite for her roles in Twin Peaks and The Mod Squad.

Peggy Lipton was married to music producer Quincy Jones from 1974 to 1990 where they had Rashida Jones as one of their children. On the other hand, Rashida is maintaining a degree of popularity while rocking TV appearances in different shows such as Fox drama series Boston Public, NBC’s The Office, and Parks and Recreation. The two certainly looked a lot like each other and can even pass as sisters.

Minnie Riperton & Maya Rudolph At Age 29

Minnie Riperton grew up in the Bronzeville community in the South Side of Chicago. When she was young, she studied music, drama and dance at Lincoln center in Chicago. As a teenager, Minnie Riperton had become the lead singer of the Chicago-based woman’s group Gems. Minnie Riperton was a star of her own generation. Being known for her 1975 single Lovin’ You and her five-octave coloratura soprano range, Minnie was then a famous celebrity.

Her daughter Maya Rudolph is her look-alike and also entered the entertainment industry, following the footsteps of her mother. Aside from inheriting her mother’s love for music although not in the highest degree of range, Maya has also embraced the world of acting and doing comedy which her mother was not able to. She made various TV appearances which included Saturday Night Live, Bridesmaids, and Grown Ups.

Janet Jackson & Joe Jackson

Janet Jackson was an outstanding figure in pop culture, and she was famous for the transcendent creation, record of social consciousness and sexual provocation, and skillful stage performances. This great singer had sold more than 100 million records, ranking one of the best-selling musicians all the time throughout the global.

Janet Jackson is the youngest of Joe and Janet Jackson’s ten kids. Although she doesn’t have a close relationship with her dad, she knows he loves her. In an interview with Piers Morgan, Janet revealed she felt her father meant well and wanted nothing but the best for them. Although he seemed to do certain things differently, it got the job done. She believed it had something to do with how Joe was raised when he was a child. He only did what he thought was best. Compared to her other siblings, Janet gave Joe some credit for being more lenient to her and her brother, Randy Jackson. Although Joe didn’t show much affection on them, she’s 100% sure he loved them.

Ricky Nelson & Remington Elizabeth Moses At Age 25

He was an American rock star, pop pioneer, musician, singer, singer and actor. In 1957, this star began a long and successful career as a pop record artist. Ricky Nelson was one of the best “teen idols” of the 1950s. Rock star Ricky Nelson has been a fan favorite in 1950 known for his hit songs Hello Mary Lou and Poor Little Fool. He has made 36 albums and 91 singles, which made him be named as one of the pioneers of rock and pop in American history.

Decades after, Rocky’s granddaughter Remington Elizabeth has inherited the same degree of love to perform is now making a name for herself in Hollywood. She has appeared in the movies Kecksburg (2019), Buddy Hutchins (2015), and A Fatal Obsession (2015) and is on the lookout for more acting projects. Remington is the daughter of Ricky’s child Tracy Nelson with actor Wiliam R. Moses.

Doria Ragland & Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is a former actress and philanthropist who married Prince Harry and is now a member of the British royal family. She was born in Los Angeles, California to mother Doria Ragland and father Thomas Markle. Growing up, Meghan has experienced challenges that honed her to be the best that she can be. When she was young, her parents had to get separated. She also had a difficult time because of her skin color.

But Meghan did not take these as a sign of weakness. She gives credit to how she was raised by her mother, who instilled in her to always give back despite them having little. Now also a mother to Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, the Duchess of Sussex gets inspiration from her mother even now that she is part of the royal family. She has to focus on motherhood and doing duties for the royal family and bid goodbye to acting and writing for her social media platforms.

Johnny And Lily Rose Depp

Lily-Rose Melody Depp has inherited so much from her father A-list actor Johnny Depp and French singer mother Vanessa Paradis—her acting talent, her beautiful genes, and elegance that make her every inch a Hollywood star. Her parents, who were together from 1998 to 2012, are definitely proud of what she has become. In one interview, Johnny Depp reveals how he is a proud dad to Lily-Rose, giving all the credit for his daughter’s respect for her fame and being down-to-earth despite her booming career.

Aside from bagging roles in various movies such as Tusk, The King, and Planetarium. She also clinched modeling projects that contributed to her growing richness. In fact, she no longer had to seek personal loans from her parents as she can already pay for her own expenses with a whopping net worth of $1 million.

Luke Perry & Jack Perry

Luke Perry turned to be an idol at an early age because he played the role of Dylan McKay in the TV series Beverly Hills. In addition, this American actor also played the role of Fred Andrews in the CW series Riverdale. Luke rose to fame in the early 2000s when he bagged a couple of roles on TV. His biggest break was his portrayal of Dylan MacKay in Beverly Hills 90210. At the time of his death, Perry reportedly had a net worth of $10 million, which definitely went to his children who must have used it as investment money for their future.

Fans always love seeing children of actors taking the same road to fame and success just like their parents. Just like the late Beverly Hills actor Luke Perry and his son Jack. His son who inherited the same good looks and charisma, Jack Perry is savoring fame not by acting just like what his father started. He is carving his own name as an aspiring wrestler for the All Elite Wrestling team.

Janet Leigh & Jamie Lee Curtis At Age 20

Janet Leigh has a long career with more than fifty years as an actress, singer and dancer in the U.S. Janet Leigh rose to fame for her performance in Psycho. Acting in horror movies and films seemed like in the genes of the mother-daughter tandem as Jaime Lee Curtis has followed the footsteps of her mother. It was the doomed Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho that helped this actress be widely and deeply recognized by the public. This firm also helped Leigh win a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress.

Jamie Lee Curtis meanwhile established herself as the scream queen of her generation, with an array of horror films and series she appeared into including Halloween, The Fog, Prom Night, and Terror Train. She has received a number of accolades, with her great acting prowess taking in the credit. Jaime Janet Leigh’s daughter with legendary actor Tony Curtis.

Lisa Bonet & Zoë Kravitz In Their 20s

This America actress was known for her good performance in several works such as Denise Huxtable, The Cosby Show, and A Different World. She had played the role of Denise Huxtable on the NBC sitcom The Cosby Show that initially showed between 1984 and 1992, and she had also made appearance in the comedy A Different World for the first season.

Lisa Bonet and daughter Zoë Kravitz are the same in various degrees. For one, they would pass as siblings anytime. The two also have a penchant for acting. Lisa Bonet gained prominence in Hollywood for her roles in World, and in Angel Heart. She was married to musician Lenny Kravitz from 1987 to 1993 with Zoë Kravitz as their only child. Meanwhile, the young rising star is conquering the industry with her beauty and talent. She has appeared in X-Men: First Class, Mad Man: Fury Road, High Fidelity, and Divergent.

Lenny Kravitz & Zoë Kravitz In Their 20s

Lenny Kravitz had won the Grammy for four years and had broken the maximum winning record in this category and set the maximum winning record by men in one category. The American artist had been nominated and achieved other honors, involving American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, Radio Music Awards, Brit Awards, and Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

The brief marriage of music icon Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet from 1987 to 1993 has resulted in having a beautiful daughter. Zoe Kravitz gives credit to her parents for her good looks and immense talent. Despite Lisa Bonet’s moving on with Jason Momoa and having two children with him, Lenny Kravitz only has Zoe as his child. He reportedly dated other women but remained unmarried since. While Zoe focuses on her acting career and her married life with Karl Glusman, her father is doing more of what he loves—his music which features his style on hard rock, psychedelic, pop among others.

Willie Nelson & Lukas Nelson At Age 29

American musician and activist Willie Nelson are one of the most recognized country music icons. He made influence with his hit songs such as On the Road Again, Always on My Mind, and Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain. Apart from music, Willie Hugh Nelson was also recognized for his good performance in acting. He had made appearance in more than 30 movies. He married Annie D’Angelo in 1991 and had Lukas Nelson as their son.

William Nelson did not just make money from his singing career. In fact, he put some investments money on his controversial business, adding to his $25-million net worth. Meanwhile, his son is following in the footsteps of his father and is the guitarist and vocalist of Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real. He also captured many fans when he rendered an impromptu version of his father’s Always on My Mind hit.

Kim Basinger & Irene Baldwin In Their 20s

Kim Basinger was nominated for the Golden Globe because of the performance in Nature 1984. Then this American actress made an appearance in Tim Burton’s Batman, and this movie helped her win the most money throughout her acting work. Irene Baldwin has proven that she has gotten her genes from her mother Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin. Now in her 20s, she proves that she got what it takes both in acting and modeling but still seeks for her parent’s guidance when it comes to decision-making.

Kim, who looked youthful and can be mistaken as Irene’s older sister, gives the rising star the guidance in her career. An award-winning actress herself, Kim leads her daughter on her career. Iren is into modeling and earning riches with Instagram. When it comes to money management, Irene seeks support from Alec Baldwin who has once revealed that he considered acting as a business.

Tom Hanks And Colin Hanks

Tom Hanks and his son Colin Lewes Hanks are similar not only in their looks but with their actions as well. Tom Hanks has been known for his iconic roles in Forrest Gump, Cast Away, and Saving Private Ryan. With the amount of over $4.9 billion in North America and over $9.96 billion around the global, Tom Hanks successfully ranked the fourth highest box office actor in North America.

Having a father who is a renowned actor can sometimes be a great advantage in having a good career in the industry. Colin earned a place in Hollywood for being an actor, producer, and director. He starred in The House Bunny, Jumanji film, King Kong, Orange County, and many others. Growing up, Colin learned that having Tom Hanks as a father is not just like any other normal kid. He learned that he has to accept his dad’s degree of popularity and grow with it.

Carrie Fisher & Billie Lourd At Age 23

Coming from a family of renowned actors, Billie Lourd has a lot on her shoulder with the achievements of her mother and grandmother. Carrie Fisher is well-known for being an actress, writers and comedian in the U.S. She is the granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds, an actress whose career spanned 70 years. She is also the daughter of Carrie Fisher, the legendary actress who played the iconic role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, and subsequently this actress was nominated for four Saturn Awards. Carrie was an award-winning superstar following her Star Wars role.

Meanwhile, Billie, whose beauty can be given credit to Carrie’s genes, is carving her own name in the industry with roles in horror series Scream Queens and American Horror Story. She has also bagged the role of Connix in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, proving that she can also take the footsteps of her late mother.

Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson At Age 25

Goldie Hawn was known for being an actress, producer, dancer, and singer. She won the Academy Award and Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress because of Goldie Hawn’s role in Cactus Flower, and she became famous for Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. Actress and singer Goldie Hawn started her career in Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, a comedy program aired on NBC. She, later on, bagged various awards for her spectacular performance in Cactus Flower.

Kate Hudson, her daughter with musician and actor Bill Hudson did not just inherit her good looks and trademarks blonde hair. In fact, Kate also gives credit to her mother for her acting skills. She has proven that she can do romantic-comedy acting with chic flicks such as Bride Wars, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and Almost Famous. Her success in Hollywood has brought her whopping net worth of $80 million dollars.

George Harrison & Dhani Harrison In Their 20s

George Harrison has been internationally renowned for being the lead guitarist and occasional lead singer. This English artist was occasionally named as “the quiet Beatle”. Internationally renowned singer and member of The Beatles George Harrison can pass as a twin brother to his son Dhani Harrison when they were at the same age.

Dhani is George’s son to former wife Mexican author and film producer Olivia Trinidad. Dhani helped his father in his last album Brainwashed and has since then taken the footsteps of his father as a musician. Many would agree on how the two look a lot like each other, including their looks and voices. He gives credit to the influence of his father in terms of making music and has come to terms that whenever he sings and performs, the crowd would always remember his father. Dhani Harrison is George’s only son.

Martin Sheen & Charlie Sheen At Age 28

Martin Sheen has a real name Ramón Gerard Antonio Estévez. He was born to immigrant parents who wanted to earn more for their family. He started out with the film The Subject Was Roses, and then his awareness was widely expanded by his performance in Apocalypse Now. Other works of this excellent actor are like the TV series The West Wing as well as the the Netflix TV series Grace and Frankie.

Martin’s opportunity to enter Hollywood lead him to become one of the well-loved actors in his generation, bagging roles for The West Wing, Apocalypse, and many others. His net worth is $60 million dollars and is still active up to now even when he can just make more money on investments. His son, Charlie Sheen, has also entered the entertainment industry armed with the same charisma and talent.

Bruce Willis & Rumer Willis At Age 18

Bruce Willis was initially known for his performance on the off-Broadway stage. After that, he continued his acting career by performing the leading role on the series Moonlighting. Subsequently, this actor has been focusing on his acting career with the result of more than 70 movies, which helped him broadly recognized worldwide.

Bruce Willis is a renowned American actor and producer who has done successful movies such as Die Hard and The Sixth Sense. Even when he already gained fame and money from being an actor, Bruce Willis is still active in the industry up until now rather than focusing on other investments. This maybe Rumer Willis’ motivation to continued working her way up as an actress. His eldest daughter with Demi Moore looks a lot like him and is also carving her name in the industry. She has done movies such as Hostage, The House Bunny, Sorority Row, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Don Johnson & Dakota Johnson At Age 25

Don Johnson is a name that can not be neglected in the entertainment business in the U.S. He has achieved a great success as being an actor, producer, director, singer, and songwriter. One of his most notable work was the role of James “Sonny” Crockett on the TV series Miami Vice, which helped him win a Golden Globe because of his performance.

This young generation would undoubtedly remember Dakota Johnson for her portrayal as Anastacia Steele in the erotic romantic movie Fifty Shades of Grey with Jaime Dornan. She also amassed over $14 million of net worth and can start doing investments while maintaining her booming Hollywood career. Little did many knew that Dakota came from good looking and talented actor parents as well. She is the daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith. Don met Melanie in 1972 and lived with her until they got married in 1976. The two married and divorced twice in the time when she was conceived.

Kurt Cobain & Frances Bean At Age 24

Kurt Cobain was a notable celebrity with multiple talents and skills because he was good at writing songs and playing various instruments. Kurt Cobain was also the guitarist as well as the frontman of the rock band Nirvan. He was regarded as one of the music artists who had deepest influences all time in the area of alternative rock.

Nirvana fans will always remember Kurt Cobain as the frontman, guitarist, and primary songwriter of the rock bands. He is known for his rock music fueled from his angst and anti-establishment persona. Frances Bean Cobain is his only child with Hole frontwoman Courtney Love. Although not into the entertainment and music, Frances etching her name in another field. She is a visual artist and a model. Frances was reportedly left with $100,000 a month from her father’s investments on the estate, bringing her net worth to over $11.2 million. She holds all the rights for publicity of her father’s name.

Bette Midler & Sophie Von Haselberg At Age 29

Mother and daughter tandem Bette Midler and daughter Sophie Von Haselberg share resemblance in look and aura. Both featuring distinct smile and smiling eyes, they are still active in the entertainment industry. Bette Midler has a long-lasting career with more than 50 years for her multiple talents such as singer, songwriter, actress, author, and comedian. She was also a successful celebrity who had been recognized by a series of great honors such as four Golden Globe Awards, three Grammy Awards, three Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Tony Award.

Bette Midler is known for performing in Off-Off-Broadway plays for both singers and acting. She also made appearances in the 1960s for Fiddler on the Roof and Salvation on Broadway. Meanwhile, Sophie earned a degree in drama at Yale University before entering the industry. She has worked with Woody Allen film Irrational Man and also got a role for American Crime Story.

Aretha Franklin & Victoria Franklin At Age 18

Aretha Franklin is an excellent star focusing on music and acting career. In her career, Aretha Franklin had achieved a large amount of awards and recognition including the National Medal of Arts as well as the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and she was inducted to the UK Music Hall of Fame and the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.

The legendary soul and R&B singer Aretha Franklin have passed her good looks to her granddaughter Victoria Franklin. Not only was Victoria inherited good looks but Aretha’s love for music too to a certain degree. Victoria has caught the attention of many when she showed inherited in music. They were also certain times when the two would bond together, singing songs, and playing the piano together. In a message she posted the day of Aretha’s death, Victoria promised her grandmother that she will make her proud someday.

Clark Gable & Judy Lewis At Age 42

Clark Gable was a prominent actor who was preferred and recognized by different directors as the leading role. He is one of the gross box-office artists who perform the most consistently all time. He is considered as the top seven man celebrity in the history of films in the U.S. Clark Gable and Judy Lewis wore the same smile when they were both in the same age. Clark Gable, also dubbed as The King of Hollywood, has made 60 motion pictures in a span of over 40 years in the industry.

On the other hand, Judy Lewis became an actress until the 70s before she used her degree as a clinical psychologist. What made this father-daughter interesting was that Judy just discovered that she was Clark’s daughter with actress Loretta Young when she was only 31—a secret that was kept from her since she was a child.

Dean Martin & Alexander Martin At Age 27

Dean Martin is considered one of the greatest American entertainers of all time. He got the moniker King of Cool for his effortless charisma and wit. He hosted The Dean Martin Show from 1965 to 1974. Dean Martin ranked one of the artists with the most popularity and endurance in the middle of 20th century because of his consistent efforts in singing, acting as well as recording. Dean Martin had made an appearance in about 85 movies and TV series in his long-last career.

Dean married thrice and had four children, including Alexander Martin who is every inch like his father. From his smile to his eyes, Alexander has inherited the same degree of handsomeness and his knack for acting too. Alexander entered the entertainment industry and got roles for the 1998 movie can Hardly Wait, 21, and Josie and Pussycats in 2001.

Sammy Davis JR. & Mark Davis

Sammy Davis Jr. holds the credit as the “greatest entertainer ever to grace a stage in the United States.” That’s a big title to grab, but Sammy proved that he was worthy of it. At the age of three, he toured with his father together with the Will Mastin Trio troupe that opened up the window to get all the experience and exposure he needed to become one of the greatest personalities in the industry. Since then, he worked his way to become a musician and eventually a renowned singer-actor, who played alongside other legendary names such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin.

Davis had four kids, and one of them is Mark Davis. Mark was adopted a couple of years after he was born, but many people noticed the striking resemblance between the two. Then rumors hit them to a certain degree, saying that Mark was actually a biological son of the great performer coming from a secret lover.

Fred Astaire & John Astaire

Fred Astaire was considered as one of the industry’s all-time top talents. He was proficient in all facets of the entertainment scenes from dancing, singing, acting all the way to hosting– he was a complete talent! A lot of people also dubbed Fred as the most influential dancer in the history of film. He enjoyed performances both on television and the big screen, and that pretty much sealed the deal for him to be considered one of the all-time greats. Some of his most notable works include Top Hat, Funny Face, and Easter Parade.

It looks like top-notch talent runs in the family since his grandson, John Astaire, showed his flair in music as a world-class percussion coach. Unlike his grandfather, who was popular for his moves, John developed a passion for beats, and right after he got a degree in music at Cal Poly, he went on and ventured to the world of music.

Gene Kelly & Kerry Kelly

Eugene Kelly, or mostly known as Gene Kelly, was one of the best dancers and actors of the ‘50s. Alongside other dancing actors such as Fred Astaire, Gene made a mark in his career with roles in Singin’ in the Rain, Anchors Aweigh, and An American in Paris, all of which are considered timeless classics.

Kerry Kelly, Gene’s daughter from Betsy Blair, got her father’s distinct look and charms. Although she did not opt to take his father’s footsteps in Hollywood as a famous dancer-actor, Kerry is making waves in her own field. She used her degree in college to work as a Clinical Psychoanalyst and Supervising Analyst at the Michigan Psychoanalytic Institute and Society. She has also written an array of psychology books for parents and children. She may not be as famous as her father but in terms of professional success, she might have overtaken her father’s spot.

Hugh Hefner & Christie Hefner

Every magazine reader knows who Hugh Marston Hefner was. He took on a gamble of leaving his job as a copywriter for Esquire magazine after he was denied a salary raise. He then put a huge portion of his investment money in his publication, which got a reputation for featuring and producing delicate articles. Today, his publication is considered an empire.

Meanwhile, Christie Hefner, the late publisher’s daughter, has inherited not only her father’s riches from his magazine venture but his knack for business as well. Christie gives credit to his late father, who taught her how to do business, leading her to be named as one of the most powerful women, according to Forbes. She is known as the former chief executive of their publishing company and now runs as a member of the board of a famous fragrance brand. She has one brother, David, a computer systems analyst, and two half-brothers, Cooper and Marston.

Loretta Lynn & Tayla Lynn

Loretta Lyn built her career out of her talent in singing country music. She had multiple gold albums in the span of 60 years, and a lot of her songs became worldwide hits. She is known for her hit singles Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin, One’s on the Way, and You Ain’t Woman Enough, which cemented her legacy as one of the top performers in the American country music scene.

Now that she is retired, her granddaughter Tayla Lynn continues their family’s legacy in the music industry with the help of her band, Stealing Angels. A lot of people give credit to Loretta for passing her tremendous gift in singing to her granddaughter. Even though Tayla experienced a lot of roadblocks on her path, she still managed to get a firm grip on her priorities that eventually helped her pass the bump. Of course, her grandma played a big role in that as well.

Dustin Hoffman & Jake Hoffman

The critically-acclaimed actor Dustin Hoffman is a versatile performer who has played in an array of movies throughout his career, including Kramer vs. Kramer and Rain Man. He’s considered one of the top actors of his time, and his performances still resonate even to this date. Despite reaching his senior year, Dustin Hoffman still shows that he still has a lot of gas left in his tank. In fact, he is still juggling roles until now.

His son, Jake Hoffman, on the other hand, is also into the entertainment industry. Justin undoubtedly got his looks from his superstar father and is also inspired to get into Hollywood. Starting with a few roles in movies such as Otherhood and Asthma, he is currently using his film degree from NYU Film School. He’s also engaged in directing films and writing scripts and storylines. Well, the majority of his knowledge in movies indeed runs through his genes.

David Beckham & Brooklyn Beckham

Successful soccer player and A-list star David Beckham and former Spice Girls member Victoria Beckham surely passed their good genes to their son Brooklyn. David’s fine features are clearly evident with the young star, and no one can deny the influence he has with his eldest son.

For quite a while, Brooklyn showed a slight interest in playing the sport that made his father famous worldwide. At the same time, he also uses his talents to pursue another career path: modeling and photography. Despite being only in his early twenties, Brooklyn now has insurance for a stable future thanks to his parents’ riches as well as his personal earnings from his modeling gig. His decision to get a degree in photography at Parsons School of Design really paid off for him big time. Sadly, he didn’t finish his studies. Instead, he opted to get real-life experience as an intern for a famous British photographer.

Bob Marley & Ziggy Marley

Reggae King Bob Marley was one of the legendary music icons who had a spiked focus on reggae, ska, and rocksteady. The Jamaican singer-songwriter was critically-acclaimed and had won various music awards with his hit singles Three Little Birds, One Love, and No Woman, No Cry. Aside from his love for music, he also had an undeniable love for his family, specifically with his children. His eldest child Ziggy clearly got his father’s looks, which can be seen from his dreadlocks all the way to his facial hair.

Certainly, he and his other siblings received a huge amount of insurance money from their father’s wealth, making them stable enough to create a band of their own. Ziggy formed the band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers, and they’re currently making waves in the music industry. At the same time, they’re reaching out to charity organizations, just like what their father did.

Reese Witherspoon & Ava Elizabeth Phillippe

Reese Witherspoon is named one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. She appeared in various movies over the past couple of years, including the 2001 romantic comedy film Legally Blonde, which catapulted her to superstardom and set the tone for her conquest towards the top of the industry ladder.

Aside from acting, Reese ventured into business and invested in founding Hello Sunshine, an American media company known for female-led storylines. Some of their projects even managed to clinch as a movie. She was married to Ryan Philippe until 2008 and has a daughter with him named Ava. Meanwhile, Ava is enjoying her rising star career while pursuing a college degree at UC Berkeley. In an interview, Ava said that her mother taught her ambition, love, and hard work in everything that she does. However, a lot of people would add that her looks and charm came directly from her mom.

Lorenzo Lamas & Shayne Lamas

Falcon Crest actor Lorenzo Lamas is an award-winning talent. To prove that point, his role in the classic soap opera gave him a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Soon after that, he showed his tremendous acting upside in his succeeding movies and television series. Lorenzo had a pretty strong career in the acting scenes, but the same can’t be said about his married life. He tied the knot five times already, but the good thing is, he gained six talented children, with most of them following his footsteps in the entertainment industry. One of his kids is Shayne Lamas.

Shayne gives credit to her father for her passion and talent in acting. She carved her popularity as a celebrity when she clinched the winning spot for the twelfth season of The Bachelor. Shayne is now married to blogger Nik Richie and is a doting mother of two.

Vanessa Redgrave & Joely Richardson

Joely Richardson is blessed to have Vanessa Redgrave as her mother. Aside from getting the same classy look her mother got as an asset during the peak of her career, Joely also inherited Vanessa’s talent in acting. Joely is recognized for her roles in the FX drama series Nip/Tuck, The Tudors, and Event Horizon.

During the span of her career, Vanessa received the Triple Crown of Acting– an elite group of artists that managed to get a hold of the entertainment scene’s top awards, the Academy, the Emmy, and the Tony. She was also inducted to the American Theatre Hall of Fame and received the BAFTA Fellowship, with the credit going to her acting talent. Tennessee Williams called Vanessa the “Greatest Actress of our Time.” That’s a nod towards her fantastic performances as an English actress and activist. At present, her daughter Joely is also doing well in the industry.

Marie Osmond & Jessica Osmond

Country music artist Marie Osmond is part of the show business family The Osmonds. Marie made her own mark in the entertainment industry with her music, popularizing the hit singles Paper Roses, Meet Me in Montana, and Then There’s You. She also exhibited a huge deal of talent in hosting a couple of talk shows and authored a few New York Times bestsellers.

A lot of people would also agree that Marie Osmond is an understanding parent when it comes to her children’s endeavors. Being the mother that she is, Marie wholeheartedly accepted her daughter’s preference and even went over her way to support her with her current relationship. Now that’s huge support towards her daughter Jessica’s life choices. Even if the two of them are not connected by blood, that goes to show that love is thicker than anything else, and we have to give Marie all the credit that she deserves.

Stellan Skarsgård & Alexander Skarsgård

Stellan Skarsgård is a Scottish actor who appeared in Breaking the Waves, The Hunt for Red October, and a couple of films in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. It seems like the acting skills run through his family’s veins, and his three sons all took the same footsteps that he made. Stellan must have received praises for his sons’ (Alexander, Bill, and Gustaf) acting talents.

Meanwhile, Alexander reached the highest level of fame and made a name of his own. A huge part of that has something to do with his roles in Tarzan, the movie, and the television series True Blood. He was also dubbed as one of Hollywood’s most mesmerizing villains, thanks to his sharp good looks and pure talent. He even bagged an honorary degree and a couple of awards while playing Perry Wright in Big Little Lies’. Now that’s a real nod to the sheer talent that runs in the family blood.

Charles Bronson & Katrina Holden Bronson

Charles Bronson was a critically-acclaimed actor of his time who was mostly cast in action films of the ‘60s and the ‘70s. He was known for his role as a gunfighter, vigilante, or police officer in movies and television series that catapulted him to the podium of Hollywood royalties. Bronson and the English actress Jill Ireland collaborated in 15 films together, and the two eventually developed a love story of their own. Soon after, they decided to make a family of their own and were blessed with three children.

One of them is Katrina Holden Bronson. Just like her adoptive parents, she also tried her luck in acting, but she did not reach the degree of fame they enjoyed while under the limelight. Still, she managed to get a very decent career as a screenwriter and director over the years. She has all the potential and the skills needed to follow in her parents’ footsteps, but it seems like the mainstream Hollywood scene is just not right for her.

Lee Van Cleef & Alan Van Cleef

Lee Van Cleef was known for his notorious and villain roles during his prime in Hollywood. He always portrayed the bad guy in movies such as The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, For a Few Dollars More, and Death Rides a Horse. However, opposite his image in famous Hollywood flicks, Van Cleef was a good father to his kids. He had three marriages overall, and the first of the three gave him three lovely kids, Alan, Deborah, and David.

Speaking of his son Alan, a lot of people would agree that he is a mirror of his father. The younger Van Cleef leaves the credit to his father for all the good things he has learned since he was a child. In fact, in an interview, Alan revealed that Lee Van Cleef is not the disciplinarian in the house but their mom, proving that the actor still has a soft spot.

Blythe Danner & Gwyneth Paltrow

We all know how great of an actress Blythe Danner was during her heydays, and she has all the awards and recognition for going along with it so that we could prove our point. However, what she considers as the best reward is to be a doting mother to two children, Gwyneth and Jake.

Speaking of Gwyneth Paltrow, she has inherited her mother’s good looks and undeniable talent, which became her trademark as one of the best actresses of our generation. Gwyneth is also known as one of the most influential persons in Hollywood. The interesting part is that she did not just focus on acting. Instead, she branched out to business and secured some investment money, and a prime example of that would be for Goop, a wellness and lifestyle brand that she started back in 2008. It is safe to say that she learned all that with the wisdom she got from her mother.

Judy Garland & Vanessa Hooker

For four decades, Judy Garland proved that she was simply one of the best in the industry in terms of acting, singing, and vaudeville. She even bagged numerous awards in the entire span of her career, and that goes to show what she was made of. The famous actress also had a couple of marriages throughout the years, and one of them would be her relationship with Sidney Luft.

During the ‘50s, the two went on a wild run in their relationship and were blessed with three lovely children, and one of them is Lorna Luft, who also became an actress. The family had a very smooth time together. However, the couple ended up in a lawyer’s office, which eventually led to a separation. Surprisingly enough, Judy had a granddaughter with Lorna named Vanessa Hooker Richards, who definitely got her grandma’s look as she looked almost like her when they were of the same age.

Julie Andrews & Kayti Edwards

Julie Andrews truly has a heart of gold. Many would also agree that she was born to become a star in the Hollywood scene. She’s an award-winning actress who appeared in West End, The Boy Friend, and The Sound of Music of the ’60s. On top of her acting prowess, she clearly is a mother (and a grandmother) at heart. She opened her arms and welcomed her late husband Blake Edwards’ children from a previous marriage and treated them like her own. The same can be said about her grandkids, most notably her relationship with the travel blogger and social media star Kayti Edwards.

Despite not inheriting the degree of massive popularity similar to her grandparents’, Kayti still managed to dodge a couple of controversies and rumors thrown at her. Now that’s a hallmark of true celebrity blood running in her. We’re not sure, though, if she has plans to pursue the movie industry.

Princess Diana & Princess Charlotte At Age 2

Many people love to see what the Royal Family is up to, which makes sense since all family members are considered living icons. However, for us, there wouldn’t be a more famous royalty out there than the late Princess Diana. She has captivated our hearts with her lovely personality and charm. Princess Diana was also known for her love of dancing and was seen engaging in royal events showing off her grooves. One of the most memorable instances was her dance with film icon John Travolta.

Despite not being able to see her grandchildren from her first-born Prince William, Princess Diana must have been proud of Princess Charlotte’s interest in dancing. At such a young age, Prince Charlotte showed the same talent as her grandmom’s. Prince William even revealed that the fourth heir to the throne is already taking weekly private dance lessons. Specifically, Princess Charlotte has a knack for ballet.

Debbie Reynolds & Carrie Fisher

Debbie Reynolds and Carrier Fisher truly shared a never-ending mother-daughter tandem. They were one of the pairs in Hollywood whom fans will never get tired of watching on the TV; thanks to their acting performances in their respective movies, the two have amassed fans worldwide. Debbie Reynolds was hailed as one of the best actresses of her time. On the other hand, Carrie Fisher was also a favorite cast in Star Wars because of her effective portrayal of Princess Leia.

Unfortunately, their family was struck with a disastrous blow when Fisher died in 2016 due to cardiac arrest. A couple of hours later, her mother Debbie, also left the family, proving how a mother’s love can be eternal. In 2017, the team behind the famous Star Wars franchise dedicated that year’s project, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, to Carrie Fisher. Their family released a statement saying that Debbie didn’t pass away because of a broken heart. Instead, Debbie just went to be with her daughter.

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