Mike Tyson | $3 MILLION

Mike Tyson is probably the greatest boxer the world has ever seen. Although Tyson was a talented boxer, his reputation has been damaged by controversy inside and outside the ring. At age 13, Tyson often fought against older youths who made fun of his voice. Cus D’Amatto died in 1985, Tyson lost an important father image early in his career. Many people later said that this would have a devastating effect on Tyson’s later life.

Back in his prime days, there was not a boy child who didn’t want to become like him. In all his long career, he records to have once credited $685 million in net worth. However, because of the flashy habit the world of fame and Hollywood brings, Tyson fell into a lifestyle of squandering his wealth. Now, he sits at a $3-million net worth after filing for bankruptcy in 2003. But it’s not bad at all for him. He still manages to get TV/movie appearances, commercials, and even his podcasts.