Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Alive Today

William Shatner – 90

William Shatner is adored by many Star Trek fanatics for playing Captain James. He developed a love-hate relationship with this fame but he easily attended a number of early Star Trek conventions. However, he eventually stopped going to these conventions and made an effort to distance himself from the character. In 2011, he reprised his role as Kirk but only as a voice actor by recording an alarm message for the Space Shuttle Discovery.

He also appeared in many projects. The TV series Rescue 911 (1989 – 1996) hosted by Shatner won the people’s Choice Award. He won two Emmy Awards as a lawyer for Denny crane in the last season of the legal drama “The Practice “. He also recorded nine music albums including “Ponder the Mystery” “Why Not Me.” He may have needed his divorce lawyers often but he is living a good life.