Taraji P. Henson – Diy Makeover

Hair colors are always a thing, especially bright ones. They show just how playful and daring you are while giving off a touch of your personality. Taraji P. Henson probably had this in mind when she dyed her hair a bright fiery red. She posted a video recently of her showing off the makeover she gave herself. As it is always an investment to prettify one’s self, Henson did her own hair, makeup, and nails and showed her followers the products she used to achieve her look. She was very proud of her work, showing off what she had done without going to the salon.

Nathan Fillion – Diy Haircuts

Our favorite Nathan Fillion admitted online that he has been doing his own haircuts this whole quarantine season. He posted a picture of tufts of his hair on the bathroom sink. With this picture, he wrote: “Quarantine haircut number two. Rave reviews from my mom on FaceTime. If you want to see the look I’m going for, tune in tonight, #the rookie abc”. To his credit, Fillion’s show will definitely go up then, as fans who are as bored as he is are surely curious about how he looks. For sure, he won’t lose his following though, as he always rocks his haircuts.

Ben Schwartz –  Hair Overgrown

While some people love to experiment on their hair, others just let them grow – and maybe see where it will take them. Ben Schwartz from Sonic the Hedgehog is looking like an animated cartoon himself in his tweet “Remember haircuts” with a selfie of him with a headful of hair. Reaching a new degree of volume, the new look definitely suits him. Maybe the experiment of overgrown hair is doing him well on experimenting on different kinds of looks. That’s actually great for actors and their portfolios, don’t you think so? We give you a thumbs up for your new ‘do, Ben!

Stephen Colbert – Hair Overgrown

Just like Ben Schwartz, Stephen Colbert sought for looks that will bring his hairdo to new heights. Much like the aforementioned Colbert also thought that growing his hair out was his idea of experimentation or play during the quarantine season. The celebrity tweeted “Might need a haircut #HeatMiser” along with a close-up photo of him and his long-standing hair. These celebrities sure do know how to sport a new look and Colbert is looking fine just the same. We give him credit for rocking the overgrown hair look. We all know that not every person can pull that one-off.

Anderson Cooper – Diy Bald Spot

We know that because so many people are turning on their own hair due to boredom or the urge to experiment with their looks, many people are also experiencing frustration in this department. Though we try, we really aren’t professionals, are we? Mike Sington revealed to the world via his tweet that Anderson Cooper tried to cut his hair himself during the quarantine, resulting in a bald spot. He apparently tried his luck with using trusty old kitchen shears. That’s a tough job, Anderson, and we can’t really fault you. However, we credit you for trying! We’re all in this together!

Armie Hammer – Manifests Tiger King

A lot of us, like any other day, love posting pictures of ourselves and our outfits of the day or posting pictures of our new haircuts or newly styled hair looks. The same credit goes to Armie Hammer who got a Mohawk over the quarantine. He posted a mirror selfie of himself with a Tiger King-inspired look involving a curly Mohawk and a horseshoe mustache. Looking like he’s got an acting role to play any second, he was definitely rocking the look. His follower rates are always high so he got a lot of compliments for his happy and proud photo.

Chris Noth – Against The Superfluous

Not a stranger to the razor, Chris Noth also got his fair share of hair adventures during the quarantine. He posted a selfie on his Instagram account that had a caption that read “I decided that dealing with hair was superfluous during these times of quarantine.” So of course he shaved his head. He still looks good, though, because one of his co-actors from Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker gave him credit for looking good in his new haircut. She is not alone in this because the rest of us also think Noth looks great. Be gone with the superfluous!

Val Chmerkovskiy – Let The Wife Have Her Way

With the caption “I love my wife, so I let her give me a haircut,” we bet you already know what went down. Dancing with the Stars personality Val Chmerkovskiy let wife Jenna Johnson cut his long hair. He posted a video on his Instagram featuring him sitting down and his wife with a razor and a pair of scissors. The video progressed as she gradually snipped his hair off until they just both decided to give him a buzz cut. At the rate she was going, Johnson was definitely having fun with her husband’s hair, whereas Chmerkovskiy’s new look made him look good.

Oprah Winfrey – First-timer Haircutter

Not everyone is brave enough to play with their own hair, so just like the pair before this one, they decided to take a leap of faith and give others the reins over their new hairstyle. Over at TV personality Oprah Winfrey’s place, her long-time companion Stedman Graham is in charge of keeping the hair length in check. Oprah posted on her Instagram account how her ‘daughter’ convinced him to give her a haircut! Surely, a certain degree of trust really must be fostered for you to allow someone else to cut your hair. What a wonderfully healthy relationship they must have!

Paulina Porizkova – Diy Coloring

Paulina Porizkova posted a close-up photo of her head. With the photo, she shared the caption “Not so beautiful: quarantine hair color. Haha. The surprise here is that it is much less grey than I thought, which sort of bums me out- I wanted to go gloriously grey- hence the super blond to transition. Looks like I’m going right back to brown”. We now know that there has to be a certain degree of skill that is needed to make your DIY hairstyling look like it was professionally done. However, there is always fun in experimentation, and we all know that fun is what we need during the quarantine.