Wacha – Andy Cohen’S Beagle Fox-Hound

Host Andy Cohen credits his beloved pup, Wacha, for changing his life. He adopted the beagle-foxhound back in 2013, from a kill shelter located in West Virginia. Little did these two know, they were about to change each other’s lives forever. Whilst he loves his companion dearly, Andy sadly announced that he had to rehome Wacha due to incidents with his son.
Worry not, however. The adorable pooch went to his “second family”, the people who would often watch over him whenever his dad was out of town. We can’t imagine the degree of sadness Andy must feel, but this decision was for the best.

Tinkerbell – Paris Hilton’S Chihuahua

It’s safe to say that Tinkerbell was just as famous as her heiress mom. She is one of the most recognizable celebrity pets, with credit to her regular appearances on the red carpet and in TV shows alongside Paris. Tinkerbell was also Paris’ first dog, whom she lavished with gifts. From designer pet clothes to having her own pet condo—she certainly lived the good life.
Did you know that Tinkerbell was a former Guess model? She also meant missing back in 2004, after Paris’ home was robbed. Fortunately, six days after a $5,000 reward was offered, she was returned home safely.

Cash – Christina El Moussa’S French Bulldog

Christina El Moussa might be best known for her real estate knowledge and skill when it comes to interior design, but she’s also a bonafide animal lover. Her family have a spunky French bulldog named Cash and he is every bit a character. Cashie, as he is affectionately referred to, currently has 23,000 followers on Instagram. It’s not hard to see why everyone’s falling in love with this cute pup.
He makes the most adorable expressions—whether he’s playing with his sister Taylor or doing rolls on the flooring. His social media account is sure to brighten up anyone’s day!

Olive – The Beckham’S Cocker Spaniel

Olive is every bit the posh pup, but don’t expect her to be a snob! This lovable Cocker Spaniel belongs to The Beckham’s and is clearly everyone’s baby. She’s often spotted in the family’s social media accounts, sometimes modeling her mom’s newest designs. A life that’s the envy of Victoria’s many fans, we’re certain!
While she has her own social media account, it isn’t as updated as the others on our list. Much like her family, this adorable pooch values her privacy a lot. She’s only got three photos on her Instagram page—but we can’t deny the degree of star power that Olive has.

Kane – Trey Songz’S Frenchton

Trey Songz has quite the massive fanbase and these fans made sure to show the same degree of love towards his adorable Frenchton, Kane. During Trey’s most recent tours, his fans collaborated on designing various posters featuring the adorable pup. Should we expect Kane to drop a single soon as well?
Kidding aside, Kane has had some experience working as an R&B video star. As expected, he was a natural in front of the camera. His Instagram shows as much—with photoshoots and travel diaries that will rival any influencer. Kane gets extra brownie points for his signature pouty face, though!

Diana – Priyanka Chopra’S Chihuahua

She’s one of the world’s most photographed dogs, but Diana makes being a celebrity pet look easy. Aside from being naturally cute, she’s also just as fashionable as her mom Priyanka Chopra. Vogue India even did a feature on this mother and daughter duo! From the streets of New York to the set of photoshoots, Diana certainly lives quite the fashionable life.
She even has her own Instagram page, which chronicles her adventures. Currently, Diana has 148,000 followers but that number’s bound to grow. With the constant traveling she does, we hope her mom looked into pet insurance as well!

Ollie – Ricky Gervais’ Siamese Cat

From Instagram to Twitter, we’ve got Ricky Gervais’ ball of fluff Ollie. This fancy feline has over 38,000 followers on Twitter and delivers plenty of laughs whenever she would respond to her dad’s tweets. The duo is quite generous when it comes to the selfies as well, but we’re sure it’s Ollie that people anticipate the most—sorry, Ricky.
It’s clear that Ollie lived not just the good life, but one where she was absolutely adored and loved. We have to give Ricky and his family much credit for that. We don’t doubt that they will greatly miss her presence in their lives.

Julian – Nicole Kidman’S Toy Poodle

It took quite a while, but actress Nicole Kidman just got her first puppy at age 52! They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but what about veteran actresses? We’re sure Julian can teach his new mom a thing or two. In an adorable photo she posted on Instagram, Nicole simply couldn’t hide her happiness upon finally meeting the precious little puppy. Her caption says it all: “Been waiting my whole life for this!”
Since she’s a new furmom, we sure hope Nicole doesn’t forget to get pet insurance for Julian. It’ll benefit them both, after all.

Noon – Zendaya Coleman’S Miniature Schnauzer

At 23 years old, Zendaya is currently one of the industry’s brightest young stars. She has the support of her fans worldwide, but it’s safe to say that her number one will always be Noon. Before she began the adoption, Zendaya’s family also owned another Miniature Schnauzer called Midnight who sadly passed away. With the new puppy, however, the actress did need a bit of help with training.
She gives credit to Cesar Millan, the famed dog whisperer, for teaching her to get Noon under control. Currently, this precious pup has over 17,000 followers on Instagram and you guessed it—it is filled with her cutest snapshots!

Clyde – Jennifer Aniston’S Grey Schnauzer Mix

Jennifer has been quite generous when it comes to sharing photos and videos of her beloved pup. He may not have his own social media account just yet, but with the attention he’s been getting? It’s bound to happen soon. For now, his mom is more than happy to introduce Clyde to her 34.6 million followers on Instagram.
So what’s Clyde been up to? He has recently shown his support during the California primaries, showing off his “I Voted” sticker to inspire others to do the same. We hope Jennifer got him pet insurance to keep this very good boy healthy for years to come!