Dolph Lundgren

Knowing how Dolph Lundgren also has a rich history of being an athlete shouldn’t come as a surprise at all. With his larger-than-life character as the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, he has proven himself athletic at all fronts. Lundgren, who is also notably known to hold a master’s degree in chemical engineering, definitely has more brains and brawn than we can handle. But him being a third dan (Sandan) black belt in Kyokushin karate is also something worthy of giving him credit for. Not only that, but Lundgren had also raised the bar high in Kyokushin too back when he was at the peak in this sport for being a 2-time European champion (1980-81) and the Australian champion (1982).

Ed O’Neill

Ed O’Neill is the ultimate king of the couch TV dad in his role in Modern Family. Yes, he is. Homer Simpson comes second. Prior to this stint, he was the lovable loser living in his high school football glory days in his credit role as Al Bundy on Married… with Children. What made O’Neill’s role as a bitter shoe salesman even more legit was him being nostalgic for his “peak” years as an All-State quarterback for Polk High. He was a stud back then. So much so that he got a football scholarship to Ohio University. But he transferred to Youngstown State, where he finished his college degree and played defensive lineman. In 1969, he had the opportunity to go pro but was cut off during training camp.

Gina Carano

Haywire and Deadpool star Gina Carano, before her life in the screens, also had a knack for combat sports. She’s so passionate about the sport that it once became her profession. So the next time you see her doing hand-to-hand combat, know that it’s her thing and she enjoys doing that like crazy. If you must know, Carano is a holder of an incredible 12-1-1 kickboxing record and 7-1 MMA record. Such credit to her name made her qualified to compete as the gladiator “Crush” on the T.V. series, American Gladiators. Carano became a certified star, whether in the octagon or on the big screen with Ryan Reynolds, because of the talent she brings on the table.

Joel McHale

Joel McHale is the host of the popular pop culture review show, The Soup, and he has long developed into a big-time celebrity since. His fans most note him for his remarkable credit role as Jeff Winger in the NBC hit comedy Community. In various scenes in his shows or movies, McHale has shown off some skin showing that he is pretty fit. If you dig further, his reasons go beyond just his gym membership to keep up with Hollywood but because he was once a rower recruited out of high school. However, McHale chose to pursue a degree at the University of Washington with his friends.

Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal is a known actor, producer, screenwriter, and musician, but he was once also a thriving artist in a different industry. For 15 years, Seagal stayed in Asia to study Eastern philosophy and choreograph martial arts scenes for his films or future films before he moved back to Hollywood. Upon returning to the United States, with much knowledge about martial arts and still passionate about it, Seagal opened his martial arts academy. The degree of interest Seagal has for martial arts went to the point that he became a bodyguard for Hollywood celebrities. Eventually, he developed his ability to mix martial arts and film production, so Seagal went to the film industry as an actor, landing him his first role in the 1988 film, Above The Law.

Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck is one of the actors with a very diverse acting career. Being a heartthrob, he widely acted in popular shows and movies like Magnum, P.I. to Friends to Three Men and a Baby. But did you know that with Selleck’s 6’4″ frame, he once served a basketball team as a player on the court? Selleck’s high school game credited him with opportunities to play college basketball at USC. However, it only took him two seasons to play with the Trojans. But even though he didn’t have much game, his college days hold an impressive feat of being able to balance his studies with basketball and being in a fraternity. Oh, he was a model at that time, too!

Joe Rogan

We know Joe Rogan is a stand-up comedian, and also, for the many years, we heard him as an animated commentator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Some may simply just know Rogan as “the Fear Factor guy” or for his credit role as Joe Garelli from the hit ’90s sitcom, NewsRadio. Many might wonder how it is that he landed the role as commentator for UFC, but that comes with a good reason. That is because back in the ‘80s, he was a four-time Massachusetts state champion in Taekwondo. In 1987 he became the U.S. Open Champions at the age of 19. He also holds black belts in no-gi and gi jiu-jitsu as an adult, and he had a quick run as an amateur in kickboxing before he went straight up on the stage for some laughs.

David Duchovny

In case you haven’t known yet how such an amazing actor David Duchovny is, well, you should just see him in action. He has starred in a streak of great films and television shows. But what made him stand out most was his performance credits in his role as Fox Mulder of the out-of-this-world smash hit The X-Files, Californication, and Twin Peaks, a 1990 cult classic. His performances from those film projects were also distinctly recognized by the Golden Globes. However, before he was established in Hollywood, he was the captain of his high school basketball team, where he also played for the J.V. team at Princeton.

Uzo Aduba

Orange Is the New Black star, Uzo Aduba plays the role of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren, and she plays her part a little too well. Seeing her in the series with effectiveness in her role makes it a bit hard to picture not being crazy. Before her career in the limelight, though, she was more into and focused on sports. Back to where she earned her Bachelor’s degree at Boston University, Aduba was actually a remarkable sprinter and one of the university’s top talents. She can run the 55, 100, and the 200-meter dash is a streak and in record time! This woman has good speed in her. Don’t scare her or she’ll run!

Tony Danza

Tony Danza’s unassuming stature and quiet demeanor should not fool you. This Brooklyn-born actor, tap dancer, teacher, and the boxer is an American favorite and beloved star. When he did Taxi and Who’s the Boss? Danza just only broke out onto the acting front after he was discovered in a boxing gym, and if you must know, it is more than just an exercise for him, it was exactly his profession. Standing at 5’9″ this Hollywood’s Italian Stallion was a real deal in the ring, and before he took a turn to act, he was able to credit a 9-3 record as a pro with two of his wins coming in the first round!