Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Alive Today

Richard Simmons – 72

Richard Simmons is one of the famous faces during the ’90s. He is well-known for his eccentric, flamboyant and energetic attitude. Simmons actually became famous as a fitness instructor. His signature costumes are candy striped dolphin shorts and Swarovski Crystal waistcoat. Yes, he has released a number of fitness tapes called Sweatin to the Oldies promoting healthy living through his aerobic routines. While you rarely see him now on TV, he is still alive and well up to this day.

However, he had decided to step back from the limelight. The last notable news made about him was when he needed the help of his lawyers against a private investigator for allegedly placing a tracking device on his vehicle. It sounds like he still lives a colorful life at the age of 72. It’s worth mentioning that you can see Simmons’ video on YouTube, which helps people adapt to life at home during the covid-19 pandemic.