Celebrity Quarantine

Kyle Richards – Diy Hair Coloring Tutorial

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star posted a video on Instagram of herself in her bathroom going through her hair. In the video, the actress shows the camera her gray roots and shares to her followers how she has been dyeing her hair herself for decades because she never got the time to go to a salon to get it professionally done. She showed her staples – a box of Clairol and a box of Garnier hair coloring products – to get her usual medium brown shade. She then proceeds to have a tutorial akin to online classes of how she DIYs her hair.

Kelly Ripa – Hair Experiments

Unlike Kelly Richards, Kelly Ripa wants to flaunt her grays and grow her gray hair out. She posted a video on her Instagram Stories where she exposed her hair to her followers. She also said she managed to get one last Botox appointment before the quarantine. After a week, however, her grays peeked through already. On April 20, she once again showed the progress of her roots and even told the story about her cutting her own hair with kitchen shears. She is, to some degree, an experimental one! With her usual viewing rates, her videos are sure to entertain fans around the world.

Kevin Hart – Confessions From The Hart

Captioning “confessions from the Hart”, Kevin Hart’s Instagram post shared a story about his time as a lifeguard. He shared his struggles and frustration while on the job, including specifically trying to save a boy that he thought was drowning only for the boy to admit he was actually just playing. The bot, according to Hart, ended up getting mad at him for being a ”crazy lifeguard”. A few days later the same boy actually drowned after “playing” but because of their previous encounter, Hart chose not to get close to him despite the boy probably already needing his health insurance. This was when Hart quit his job after getting booed.

Jim Carrey – Inspired Hair Growth

Well-known actor Jim Carrey posted a selfie on Instagram showing his bare face complete with a scruff. His picture was captioned “Day 1. I’m growing a beard until we all go back to work. I’ll post reg pics so you can marvel at the miracle of my meaningless transformation. Normally, I try to stay on the cutting edge of entertainment. Now I shall conquer the cutting edge. Please join me. #let’s grow together”. Others, in turn, gave him credit for sharing his hair growth process. Actress Maisie Williams even commented “Gonna do this with my armpits”, implying she intended to grow out her armpit hair as well.

Will Smith – Rocks A Beard

Actor Will Smith recently posted a video on Instagram as a response to his followers’ comments about him growing a beard. Much to his credit, he responded with a montage of himself in various acting roles, especially ones with very high viewing rates, including his movies Men in Black, Pursuit of Happyness, Aladdin, and television sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, with a digitally added salt and pepper colored beard on his face on every one of them. He then added that he “has been rocking a beard forever”.

Jonathan Van Ness – Grooms Himself

Reality star Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye is usually in charge of the makeovers of their guests and subjects per episode. During quarantine season, however, he chose to invest in himself for a change. He shared his progress generously over on Instagram as he took pictures at every stage. He shaved his beard off and also his mustache. He then took a selfie to show the end product. On this post, he captioned “I look like Weird Al w this no facial hair. He’s hot.” Always the queen of self-love, Jonathan once again not only teaches but also inspires.

Pink – Drank And Cut Hair

Pop singer Pink shared a video on her Instagram account of her at her home, about to vacuum the floor and eating a pretzel, all while sporting short hair. She shared that she drank the night before and “got a brilliant idea”. She said that she can cut hair and even mused about why she has been making investments to hire people to cut her hair all this time. So she showed her followers the end result of her drunken haircut session the night before. It was a little bit uneven but she said she liked the look of it and was planning to fix it up later.

Blake Shelton – Striped Mullet

Playing with each other’s hair is not uncommon these days. Country singer and The Voice coach Blake Shelton is sporting a “quarantine mullet” and tweeted a 1-second video of the current status of his hair, being stroked by his girlfriend and fellow The Voice coach Gwen Stefani. With the video, he tweeted “Quarantine mullet update 3/26/2020… @gwenstefani has decided to take it to the next level.. Stripes.” Stefani had apparently shaved stripes on to his hairs, and she was right for taking the look to a degree higher than it previously was. We will definitely turn our chairs for you.

Anthony Rapp – Shaved His Head

Also not a stranger to crazy and playful hair shenanigans, actor Anthony Rapp went ahead and shaved his whole head! On his Twitter account, he tweeted “On a lighter note…quarantine haircut!” and attached to it was a picture of him, in his bathroom, holding a handful of his own hair. His head was already shaved and he had an amused look on his face. Talking about crazy things – we wonder if the cut was an impulsive decision or something that he took online classes for. Either way, his facial expression sure shows that he had fun doing it no doubt.

Gabrielle Union – Mother-Daughter Twinning

As moms are now more present for their kids this quarantine season, a lot of posts show mother-child bonding to take advantage of staying at home. This is also true with Gabrielle Union who posted a picture on her Instagram profile of her giving her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade a piggyback ride. Union took her braids out and showed off her natural curls, saying that she and her daughter now have hair that looks the same. To this, Kaavia was skeptical to a certain degree, as shown in the emojis Union used in her Instagram caption along with the adorable picture.

Taraji P. Henson – Diy Makeover

Hair colors are always a thing, especially bright ones. They show just how playful and daring you are while giving off a touch of your personality. Taraji P. Henson probably had this in mind when she dyed her hair a bright fiery red. She posted a video recently of her showing off the makeover she gave herself. As it is always an investment to prettify one’s self, Henson did her own hair, makeup, and nails and showed her followers the products she used to achieve her look. She was very proud of her work, showing off what she had done without going to the salon.

Nathan Fillion – Diy Haircuts

Our favorite Nathan Fillion admitted online that he has been doing his own haircuts this whole quarantine season. He posted a picture of tufts of his hair on the bathroom sink. With this picture, he wrote: “Quarantine haircut number two. Rave reviews from my mom on FaceTime. If you want to see the look I’m going for, tune in tonight, #the rookie abc”. To his credit, Fillion’s show will definitely go up then, as fans who are as bored as he is are surely curious about how he looks. For sure, he won’t lose his following though, as he always rocks his haircuts.

Ben Schwartz –  Hair Overgrown

While some people love to experiment on their hair, others just let them grow – and maybe see where it will take them. Ben Schwartz from Sonic the Hedgehog is looking like an animated cartoon himself in his tweet “Remember haircuts” with a selfie of him with a headful of hair. Reaching a new degree of volume, the new look definitely suits him. Maybe the experiment of overgrown hair is doing him well on experimenting on different kinds of looks. That’s actually great for actors and their portfolios, don’t you think so? We give you a thumbs up for your new ‘do, Ben!

Stephen Colbert – Hair Overgrown

Just like Ben Schwartz, Stephen Colbert sought for looks that will bring his hairdo to new heights. Much like the aforementioned Colbert also thought that growing his hair out was his idea of experimentation or play during the quarantine season. The celebrity tweeted “Might need a haircut #HeatMiser” along with a close-up photo of him and his long-standing hair. These celebrities sure do know how to sport a new look and Colbert is looking fine just the same. We give him credit for rocking the overgrown hair look. We all know that not every person can pull that one-off.

Anderson Cooper – Diy Bald Spot

We know that because so many people are turning on their own hair due to boredom or the urge to experiment with their looks, many people are also experiencing frustration in this department. Though we try, we really aren’t professionals, are we? Mike Sington revealed to the world via his tweet that Anderson Cooper tried to cut his hair himself during the quarantine, resulting in a bald spot. He apparently tried his luck with using trusty old kitchen shears. That’s a tough job, Anderson, and we can’t really fault you. However, we credit you for trying! We’re all in this together!

Armie Hammer – Manifests Tiger King

A lot of us, like any other day, love posting pictures of ourselves and our outfits of the day or posting pictures of our new haircuts or newly styled hair looks. The same credit goes to Armie Hammer who got a Mohawk over the quarantine. He posted a mirror selfie of himself with a Tiger King-inspired look involving a curly Mohawk and a horseshoe mustache. Looking like he’s got an acting role to play any second, he was definitely rocking the look. His follower rates are always high so he got a lot of compliments for his happy and proud photo.

Chris Noth – Against The Superfluous

Not a stranger to the razor, Chris Noth also got his fair share of hair adventures during the quarantine. He posted a selfie on his Instagram account that had a caption that read “I decided that dealing with hair was superfluous during these times of quarantine.” So of course he shaved his head. He still looks good, though, because one of his co-actors from Sex and the City Sarah Jessica Parker gave him credit for looking good in his new haircut. She is not alone in this because the rest of us also think Noth looks great. Be gone with the superfluous!

Val Chmerkovskiy – Let The Wife Have Her Way

With the caption “I love my wife, so I let her give me a haircut,” we bet you already know what went down. Dancing with the Stars personality Val Chmerkovskiy let wife Jenna Johnson cut his long hair. He posted a video on his Instagram featuring him sitting down and his wife with a razor and a pair of scissors. The video progressed as she gradually snipped his hair off until they just both decided to give him a buzz cut. At the rate she was going, Johnson was definitely having fun with her husband’s hair, whereas Chmerkovskiy’s new look made him look good.

Oprah Winfrey – First-timer Haircutter

Not everyone is brave enough to play with their own hair, so just like the pair before this one, they decided to take a leap of faith and give others the reins over their new hairstyle. Over at TV personality Oprah Winfrey’s place, her long-time companion Stedman Graham is in charge of keeping the hair length in check. Oprah posted on her Instagram account how her ‘daughter’ convinced him to give her a haircut! Surely, a certain degree of trust really must be fostered for you to allow someone else to cut your hair. What a wonderfully healthy relationship they must have!

Paulina Porizkova – Diy Coloring

Paulina Porizkova posted a close-up photo of her head. With the photo, she shared the caption “Not so beautiful: quarantine hair color. Haha. The surprise here is that it is much less grey than I thought, which sort of bums me out- I wanted to go gloriously grey- hence the super blond to transition. Looks like I’m going right back to brown”. We now know that there has to be a certain degree of skill that is needed to make your DIY hairstyling look like it was professionally done. However, there is always fun in experimentation, and we all know that fun is what we need during the quarantine.

Dua Lipa – Pink Hair

One of the celebrities who deserves credit for consistently being in the charts, Dua Lipa chose to color her dark hair pink! She posted a selfie video on her Instagram account of her hair in two buns, streaked with pink. In her caption for the video, she talked about how dyeing her hair pink was her week’s experiment. She added about her quarantine progress “…I haven’t acquired a new skill but I have joined World of Warcraft and I have two pets on it called mint saws and little sheena (one’s a dragonhawk and one’s a tiger). I’ve attempted a few morning facetime workouts with my friends…”

Blake Lively – Betting On Ryan

The Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively and her husband actor Ryan Reynolds also had a little fun with their hair during the quarantine. Lively showed a hair coloring kit, wishing her husband could have the degree of skill needed so that he could color her hair beautifully. On the other hand, of course, Reynolds had also wanted to sport a new look, so because of this, Lively posted a picture of her husband’s most recent hair escapade. Reynolds showed off his baby ponytail with a matching small scrunchie. It’s still the latest hairstyle for him, isn’t it?

Emily Ratajkowksi– Diy Haircut

Hair experimentation has been an amusing ride for most of us because we mostly lack the degree of talent and skill needed to pull it off–we’re not professionals, after all. It’s either we get lucky, or we end up getting an inconvenient bald spot. More often than not, we’ll just head back to the salon the second they open, but for the chosen few who actually have that degree of talent and skill that is needed, they probably don’t need that option. Take Emily Ratajkowksi, for example, who gave herself a rocking haircut. She posted on her Instagram account the end product of the haircut she gave herself during the quarantine.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – Pretty Pink ‘Do

Quarantine is probably the best time to do things we wouldn’t normally do if we have to go to work or get a college degree. One of these things (that we know you just wish you had the chance to do) is color your hair a wild color, like maybe bubblegum pink. That’s exactly what Sarah Michelle Gellar did during her staycation. On her Instagram account, she posted a selfie of her rocking her newly pinked hair. She even used the popular Mean Girls reference for her caption: “On Wednesdays, we wear pink (or technically right now every day) #quarancolor”.

Bruce Springsteen – Wife Haircut

Not everyone would be ever so bold to charge in without knowing anything. Some of us would take workshops, online classes, or even just watch instructional Youtube tutorials to learn a new skill. This was the case for Patti Scialfa, Bruce Springsteen’s wife, who learned from Chris McMillan, a celebrity hairstylist. Before doing anything to Springsteen’s hair, she took the advice and learned from the best first. When she got the idea, she gave her husband a haircut. We all know that learning by doing is the best way to learn! Maybe she’ll even keep doing his hair from now on!

Chris Cuomo – Post-Corona Crown

Just like Springsteen and his wife Patti, lots of other men also turn to their wives to save them from long locks. CNN news reporter Chris Cuomo did the same and had his wife Cristina do his haircut for him. He originally planned to do it himself, just like the rest of the braver souls out there, but he was too scared. We know you need a certain degree of skill to pull that one off! His wife then volunteered to do it for him when she saw his hesitation. He’s currently rocking his new hair, and he’s been receiving endless compliments on social media about it.

Salma Hayek – Peeks Of Gray

Actress Salma Hayek was also quite popular on Instagram last May 3 when she posted a beautiful selfie that highlighted her gray roots. With the post, she captioned “Be proud of your roots. Aging gracefully nevertheless, Hayek showed that she was still beautiful despite the gray in her hair. Her fans praised her and she received countless compliments on the post. We give her credit for embracing her true self and showing pride in who she is. In this day and age, that kind of strength is hard to come by, and Hayek is truly an inspiring icon for showing us she’s got it.

Ashley Graham – Makeup Routine Getaway

Of course, we are all aware that the quarantine has created a tremendous degree of change in our daily routines. Not only are we stuck at home, but we are also left with not much to do. Because of this, we all have different coping strategies. Ashley Graham, for example, went for makeup. She posted a selfie video on Instagram of her in full glam makeup. She wrote on the caption “getting ready and feeling like I am in my routine for a few minutes of the day gave me a short escape from the brain fog I’ve been feeling.”

Katy Perry – Home Shoot

The expectant mom Katy Perry filmed the reality singing show, American Idol, in her house sporting a matching printed cardigan and a maxi skirt by Missoni. She’s also wearing a necklace by 8 Other Reasons. Looking regal, these pieces are on the market with combined costs of $42. Looking elegant and cozy at home despite the quarantine, the singer’s belly is seen and we’re all so excited for the baby to come out. We are just positive that the little child will look as regal as the parents always have been! Looks like another session of investment planning is on its way!

Vanessa Hudgens – Brigitte Bardot Vibes

The more than 38 million followers of the hot celebrity and High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens were wowed by the selfie that she posted on Instagram. Wearing an Orseund Iris white tank top, she looked fresh and trendy. The top is priced at $155 and surely, for the financial advisors behind the actress and singer, this was no big deal. She is also sporting a wide black headband that is giving her the Brigitte Bardot vibes. Soaking up the sun, Hudgens is definitely looking like she’s enjoying having fun with her style at home. Here’s something we could all try!

Taylor Swift – Cozy With Wine

Looking like the laidback goddess that she is, Taylor Swift posted a snapshot of her sipping wine on a couch while sporting a Free People floral sweater. Looking super cozy, Taylor looks like a genuine homebody enjoying her quality time at home. The Instagram post got a lot of views and up to more than two million likes. Under the comments section, she got a lot of credit for looking good from her loyal supporters. On top of this, her fans also started talking about her possible collaboration with Katy Perry who was going to release her newest album soon. We’re positive it will be great!

Kylie Jenner – Flaunts Her Style

Undeniably a fashion icon, celebrity Kylie Jenner posted a photo on her Instagram account of her wearing a great outfit of the day at her home. She had on a sheer Marine Serre tattoo-print top that looked almost like her skin, matched with leggings that went with the top. The outfit looked like a full-body suit and it flaunted the degree of her curves as well. The market rates of the pieces were $355 for the top and $390 for the leggings. She finished off the look with a pair of Yeezy high heeled pumps and a pair of shield sunglasses from Dior.

Eva Longoria – Bright Orange

Rocking the style in quarantine, actress Eva Longoria posted a picture of her lounging in her home. She wore an orange knit maxi dress with high slits on either side, a cinched band on her waist, and a pair of bright orange wedge heels. On her hand, she had a glass of wine. Her orange outfit made her stand out from her blue-hued background and furniture. Looking gorgeous as ever, Longoria looks both artsy and classy at the same time in this snap. We wonder how much of home finance she used for her edgy but elegantly sophisticated home.

Cindy Crawford – A Beauty In Blue

Looking dazzling in the color blue, Cindy Crawford was wearing a pair of Bleusalt waffle henley tops, perched on a cozy bright blue couch under the blue sky in her Instagram post. The top has a market rate of $140 in stores so you can definitely cop her look. To complete her look, she wore a blue, red, gray, and white striped scarf around her neck and a pair of casual denim jeans. The photo radiated cool, contented composure – something that we all try to achieve to a certain degree. The celebrity looked stunning, looking far out at an angle with sunglasses on.

Selena Gomez – Cozy At Work

For all of us working at home, singer Selena Gomez is right here with us. She posted a picture on her Instagram account of her in her home studio, working out on her latest music. She showed the perks of having to work at home too – you are able to wear your pajamas! Wearing a sweater, a comfortable pair of lounge pants, and finished off with a pair of furry slippers, she is surely feeling at ease in the comforts of her own home. She’s one to idolize too because she’s hardworking, seeing that she’s still hard at work even amidst quarantine.  She’s probably great at money management that way!

Lea Michele – Gets A Baby Bump

The world doesn’t stop turning and life doesn’t stop going – even in quarantine. That’s why even life milestones keep coming too. The Glee star Lea Michele announced to the public that she’s with child. She posted on her Instagram account a photo of herself in a long flowing blue floral dress, holding her baby bump. The soon-to-be-mother is standing in her garden, smiling. The dress she’s in costs $328, so you can get that too if you love her look! Meanwhile, it seems that some investment planning is going to take place to make room for the little addition to Michele’s family!

Bella Hadid – Home Photoshoots

To a certain degree, we all dream to be celebrities at least once in our lives. For those of us who are aspiring models, take it from Bella Hadid who set up a spontaneous photoshoot inside her home. Wearing a L’Academie button-down, long-sleeved shirt that is more open than closed, and a pair of printed, retro-looking pants, she managed to take a photo that’s fit for a fashion magazine spread. Maybe we can take some tips from our queen, be models for the time being during quarantine, and do our own home-based photo shoot. Hadid certainly did a great job.

Tracee Ellis Ross – Glamouring Up

“Sometimes a gal needs a bit of glamour in her life. I mean sheesh,” said celebrity Tracee Ellis Ross in her Instagram post. Her sexy photo featured her in a gold bodysuit, white pointed heels, and lots of gold jewelry. Her hair was pulled back and she looked stunning in her fruitful garden. Looking ready for a full-blown magazine photoshoot, Ross emanated style, strength, and sophistication that indeed showed her need for glamour. She gets credit from us for being an inspirational superwoman amidst the quarantine. Not a lot of us get to channel this strength and Ross is showing us how to do it.

Jenna Dewan – Mommy Time

Jenna Dewan posted a sweet picture of herself carrying her baby boy Callum high into the air on her Instagram account. The child rested on his mother’s loving hand while his mother was looking happy and radiant. Dewan was wearing a long bohemian Johnny Was printed dress priced at $549. On the picture, she captioned: “Quarantine day ???? Celebrating today’s graduation from sweatpants to a dress,” saying that she dressed up today! We know dressing up for a day at home when you can be in a comfortable outfit is a bit tricky, so she gets credit for managing to do that.

Kourtney Kardashian – Spread Awareness

The influence of the Kardashian clan is undeniably wide and Kourtney Kardashian made use of this power to spread awareness about a simple but very important message: stay at home. Social distancing is a part of today’s new normal but the celebrity took a step further to promote it. She even wore her matching sweatshirt and sweatpants from Talentless to support the cause. Even though this meant supporting her ex Scott Disick’s brand, she went the extra mile. Our health is certainly a huge investment that we should make all the time so listen to this Kardashian to preserve it.

Emma Roberts – Stays Away

Just like Kourtney Kardashian, Emma Roberts also wants to spread the same message to the public. She gets credit for using her voice as a celebrity to promote social distancing by wearing a vintage sweater that said: “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”. She wore this piece on top of a gingham shirtdress from Modcloth and a pair of red flats. The prices of these fun finds are $69 for the dress and $65 for the shoes. Whether you copy her whole funky outfit or follow what her shirt says (we recommend doing both, of course), they’re both pretty doable this quarantine season.

Halsey – Red Polka Dots And Freckles

The vintage polka dot on red print will always be a classic. It reminds us of the times before electricity and how they used to twirl around in their dresses. This was the scene singer Halsey was embodying in her Instagram post. She posted a selfie on her profile of her wearing a red polka-dotted off-shoulder dress from Privacy Please. This dress is also in stores and has a price of $128.  Looking fresh and fun, the celebrity wore a white headband on her dark hair and flaunted her natural look. She boasted her dark eyes and cheeks and nose sprinkled with freckles.

Megan Thee Stallion – Discovers The Comforts Of A Ponytail

It is not a secret that one of the luxuries that quarantine gives are the comforts brought about by home security, and with staying at home, we can do away with uncomfortable hair products, or the time it takes to set your hair to a certain style. Megan Thee Stallion, for one, has found the wonders of ponytails. “I think I’ll just wear a ponytail for the rest of quarantine,” she wrote as she posted a picture on Instagram. In the photo, she was wearing a tight-fitting leopard print dress by Alexander Wang. The sexy photo attracted many viewers that the post reached more than a million likes.

Lena Dunham – Strawberry Cloud

Letting go and wearing loose, comfy clothing is definitely one of the most loved quarantine perks. Lena Dunham, who surely agrees with this, posted a photo of her in a fun and looking awkward pose and a pale pink ensemble.  “I call this #quarantinelook – Cousin Who Doesn’t Know Why She’s Still Single Even Though Everyone Else Does, Posing In Front Of Her Cat Tree, Asking: ‘don’t I look like a strawberry cloud???’” was the caption of the adorable picture. We give her credit for her humor despite and times and for indeed looking like the strawberry cloud in her Sally LaPointe outfit.

Busy Philipps – Finds An Old Concert T-shirt

One of the things that many of us have already started doing is going through our stuff. Our clutter, our clothes, our papers, our shoes, our old credit cards and memorabilia – these are all the stuff we usually start weeding out. More often than not, this process takes hours because of all the cool stuff we find and the memories that come with them. Such is the case for Busy Phillips, whose mom found her Debbie Gibson concert T-shirt. Her smile in the photo that she uploaded while wearing it showed just how much it meant to her.

Rita Ora – Wears An Attention-grabbing Top

Rita Ora looked hot in the picture that she shared with her followers. She wore a very sultry white crop top that caught the attention of many. She paired it with Nike leggings and a pair of Hunter rain boots. She also sported a New York Yankees cap and wore several necklaces around her exposed neck. She had a rust-colored scarf with her in the picture, and it contrasted beautifully to the beautiful scenery in her background. She gets credit for looking effortlessly beautiful, sexy, and fashionable in this picture. We all know she’s an icon, but she’s rocking even in quarantine!

Brooke Shields – Seeing Double

We are always proud of our personal victories, no matter how long ago they were. These achievements may vary from person to person, but they all mean something very valuable to us. This is just like this next number. Wearing her vintage pair of glasses, Brooke Shields posted a selfie of her wearing the Calvin Klein t-shirt she was printed on during the 80s. The iconic ringer shirt was surely something she really made an investment on in terms of time and energy. The young Brooke in black and white was a feature on the shirt. She captioned her Instagram photo “seeing double”.

Hailey Baldwin – Chilling In The Tub

Now that we spend all our time at home, we can all have baths as long as we like. Since there is no rush to attend the next investment planning meeting or to clock in for work, why not take our time in the bathtub? Hailey Baldwin must have taken her love for baths to a much higher degree as she had a photo taken of her sitting down inside her tub. She was wearing a plaid flannel shirt from Patagonia. Her husband Justin Bieber posted the photo on his Instagram account of her chilling in their tub, minding her own business.

Bella Thorne – Bright In Blue

Bright colors are always a way to show a fun and fresh vibe. This was the case for Bella Thorne who posted a photo of her wearing an off-shoulder ruched top in bright blue. She flaunted her bare shoulders and little heart tattoo in the Instagram post. Topping off the look with her wild hair that had streaks of color, she sure looked trendy and edgy in every angle. Her Instagram account has followers of up to more than 23 million! Now that amount of likes and comments is a different degree of fame and publicity, don’t you think so?

Kaia Gerber – Remembered Jeans

Jeans are a staple in every closet. Not only are they easy to pair with anything, but they are also durable. Jeans are a classic piece that will never go out of style. They can be casual, but jazzed up properly can also be used to wear to classier places. Kaia Gerber posted on Instagram a selfie of her wearing a tank top from Fleur du Mal in a light blue shade and a classic pair of jeans. What got our attention, though, is her caption that said: “almost forgot about jeans”. A good pair is always a good investment, Kaia!

Haim’s Singing Sisters – Sister Snuggles

The people we are surrounded with during the quarantine is an important factor as to how we are in terms of our well-being. For the lucky ones, we’re stuck with our family. A lot of shenanigans surely spring up in our different households as we wrestle our siblings for the remote, and play pranks on each other too. Haim’s singing sisters, however, are very close! They posted on their Instagram account a photo of them snuggling up next to each other in their sweats. Bonding with those you love – especially those you don’t’ see on a regular day – is an investment to make this season!

Molly sims – Half And Half

Online classes and Zoom meetings are all the rage right now. What can we do when we’re all stuck in our homes? Something we all are probably guilty about is only dressing up the top half of our bodies. Since we’re seated down and the frame only contains our heads up to our waist, why wear formal bottoms as well? Molly Sims showed us a peek of her work from home outfit. She posted a photo of herself on her computer wearing a corporate top and pajama bottoms with matching fuzzy slippers. “Zoom call on top, Pj party on bottom,” she wrote.

Millie Bobby Brown – Puppy Love

If there’s anyone genuinely and totally happy about the quarantine, it’s man’s best friend. Our furry friends have never been more ecstatic about having us home all the time! Millie Bobby Brown posted a picture of her and her puppy out on their lawn, barefoot and basking in the sun. She wore a tie-dye linen ensemble on her happy day out and tied her hair in pigtails. The big smile on her face must also mean that she, too, can’t wait to do everything with her furbaby.  Spending time with our pets is also an investment we should make you know.

Alicia Keys – Keeps Shining

Fashion and your inner glow should not go out just because we’re all at home. That should be kept aflame, and this was the idea that music icon Alicia Keys had when she posted her photo on Instagram. The snap showed her in her living room sporting a holographic trench coat over black pieces. With it, she also wore high boots up to her thighs. She captioned this “Keep shining ✨Even if it’s from your living room.” Take it from the diva, you can still flaunt and sashay in your best get up even if you’re just at home. Make an investment in yourself and get creative!

Mindy Kaling – Pajamas For Outdoor

Because we are all home just all the time, boundaries between indoor and outdoor often blur in terms of what we wear. Since there is nowhere to go anyway, we don’t get the usual urge to dress up and prepare for a day out. Mindy Kaling posted a picture of herself outside as if to head out against the green. She was wearing a colorful set of pajamas. She completed the look with a bright yellow Chanel bag and a pair of boots from Ugg. We give her credit for pulling off this look! “When pajamas become ‘outdoor clothes,’ she wrote.

Aidy Bryant – Pajama Collection

As pajamas have been a staple these days, some of us like to change up our looks from time to time nevertheless. Aidy Bryant collected matching pajama sets to spice up her wardrobe this quarantine season. She described the times as “freaky as hell” so she brightened up the mood by purchasing pajamas from Entireworld, Big Bud Press, and Aelfie. She posted on her Instagram account a collage of her in the three sets and a picture of her dog on the fourth tile. We’re all coping in any way we can and we think she is doing great on a superb degree.

Kate Bosworth – Home Uniform

Pajamas and sweats are the best of fashion during the quarantine, and some of us have resorted to go-to clothes. Kate Bosworth, for example, already declared a uniform for herself. She posted a photo on Instagram of herself wearing a P.E. Nation hoodie. With the picture, she wrote a caption that said “New at-home uniform consists of sweatshirts covered in dog hair and unbrushed hair.” The black hoodie she is wearing in the picture is in stores and has prices of up to $140.  To her credit, the dog hair and her own unbrushed hair certainly says she’s getting cozy at home.

Elizabeth Banks – Silk Please

Most of us will always choose the much loved, cottony, soft, and comfortable feeling of good sweats while a chosen few prefer to make an investment in the glossy and smooth feel of silk. Either way, people typically have a preference for pajamas over other kinds of clothes to wear, especially at this time when it’s all everyone wears. Elizabeth Banks took her pick when she sported a luxury pair of Liberty London pajamas. The silky blue printed ensemble matched her blue eyes in the picture that she posted to her Instagram account. While holding a glass of cocktail, she looked comfy and relaxed during happy hour.

Chanel Iman – Work Outfit For Working At Home

Since the degree of change is a massive one, it isn’t a surprise that some would choose to role-play their usual routine just so that they won’t feel too overwhelmed. Chanel Iman did what a lot has done already – wear work clothes to work from home meetings. She posted on her Instagram profile a picture of her sporting a jumpsuit from L’Academie on top of a baby blue turtleneck top. She also finished up the look with sunglasses from AMAVII. In her post she wrote, “Trying to keep up with my normal routine, wearing work attire for Skype meetings.”

Shay Mitchell – Pizza Slices And Fur Coats

Just like Chanel Iman, Shay Mitchell also sported work attire for her work from home routine.  She posted a picture of herself in a work ensemble, ready to do business. She wore a fur coat in light blue and high boots for shoes that went up to her thighs. She also wore dazzling dangling earrings that gave her that glamorous look. To finish off the diva appeal, she wore aviator shades. We may have failed to mention that the business in question involved sipping wine and eating pizza. Her degree of glam is sky-high even for snacking.

Gal Gadot – used her superpowers

Gal Gadot takes credit for choosing to use her voice and her influence to raise awareness of staying at home. In her post, she wore black sweats and took a mirror selfie in her closet. She also wore a leopard print pair of slides from Ugg that has market rates of up to a hundred dollars. With her cozy-looking picture, she wrote the caption “Staying home is my superpower ✌� and yours! Please everyone take care of yourself, your loved ones, and us all. This situation should not be taken lightly.” Take it from Wonder Woman herself and stay home.

Camila Cabello – Healing Through Meditation

If we, ourselves crave peace of mind and a relaxed body, our favorite stars also want the same thing. Relaxation and meditation have become a luxury amidst our hectic everyday lives. Now is the perfect time to get on to it if we really want it. Cabello talked about how meditation heals in her Instagram post. In it, the singer is seen crossing her legs in meditation wearing a sports bra and colorful leggings. Achieving inner peace and mental health is an investment we all should make and quarantine is as good as any time to do it!

Lady Gaga – Gave Fashionable Advice

As one of the celebrities who are more vocal about the advocacies that they support, Lady Gaga did not miss the opportunity to tell her fans to stay at home. On her Instagram post, she talked about how pressing it is to self-quarantine these days. In the picture, she was featured sitting down on her couch between her three dogs. She stayed fashionable as she struck a post wearing a leather jacket by Dust + Beau, leggings from Lululemon, and sunglasses from Le Specs. Store prices of these pieces are $1900 for the jacket and $129 for the tinted specs.

Timothee Chalamet – Effortless Style

There really are some people who look effortlessly stylish no matter where they are and no matter what they wear. Timothee Chalamet proved that he was one of these guys, as he dramatically posed from his home amidst the quarantine. On his Instagram post, he wore acid-washed jeans with a pinkish hue, a light-colored long-sleeved button-down, and Nike SB Dunk Low sneakers by Travis Scott. The trendy shoes he was modeling against his equally elegant flooring have been repeatedly spotted on the resale market with prices up to four figures! With his dark hair and natural style, he will surely attract more buyers too!

Rosalia – Cozy At Her Home Work Station

Getting some work done even at home is great productivity for both you and your boss. It’s great to keep your routine in check, and even better for your work progress as your financial advisors won’t have much of a problem. It’s lucky, then, that Rosalia has a home studio and she flaunted it on her Instagram post. She herself was wearing cozy bike shorts from Burberry and slides from Nike. She wore black socks, a black sweater, and her iconic flashy nails. Her big smile hinted that she’s working on something we all ought to be excited about too!

Drake Bell – Became Totally Kyle Again

Because celebrities have a lot of time now, they also have time to return to their old characters and reminisce about the good old days. Drake Bell, for example, went viral as he dressed up as his character Totally Kyle from Nickelodeon’s The Amanda Show. He made a TikTok video featuring the character last May 25.  Bell did the “Wipe it Down” challenge from the app and wiped down his mirror before wearing a blonde wig. He credits Nickelodeon for jumpstarting his career as he starred in shows like the aforementioned The Amanda Show and the series Drake and Josh.

Tony Shalhoub – Washed His Hands As Monk

We presume having a character you can play as from time to time would be lots of fun to the actors and actresses that we know and love. Tony Shalhoub embodied his Monk character as Adrian Monk in At Home Variety Show. The Peacock show’s pilot episode showed him washing fruit in the sink singing. He washed his hand to a scrupulous degree and then put some gloves on and wore them around his house just like Adrian Monk would. We know we should all wash our hands quite frequently nowadays and he was entertaining his audience as well as educating them too.

Parks And Rec’ Cast – New Episode

What more can entertain fans during the quarantine than to watch a new episode of a much-loved show that has long ended? The cast of Parks and Recreation came together from their own homes to cook something up for their beloved fans. The TV special was aired last April 30 with a new episode of the series for thirty minutes.  Using their fan base, they raised funds for Feeding America to as much as $2.8 million. They get credit for the goodwill that they did during the pandemic. Though we miss the show, we love the people behind it even more!

Cobie Smulders – Is Robin Sparkles

The How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders gave her fans quite the excitement when she performed a rendition of her character Robin Scherbatsky’s song Let’s Go to the Mall, which she performed when she was a Canadian pop star called Robin Sparkles. She posted the song on her Instagram account writing “I hope it takes your mind off some things. It certainly did for me!” In the song performance, she changed the lyrics and urged her followers and viewers with lyrics “Let’s all stay at home”. She gets credit from us for being super creative and entertaining at the same time!

Daniel Radcliffe – Returned To The Wizarding World

J.K. Rowling, the author of the much-loved Harry Potter series, together with the actor who played Harry himself, Daniel Radcliffe, put up a reading of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the Harry Potter at Home digital community. Radcliffe once again played his old character, and other guests like Eddie Redmayne and David Beckham also participated in the event. Potterheads in quarantine everywhere enjoyed the reading to a huge degree. Even after the last Harry Potter movie was released, it is clear that the fans of Harry, his friends, and the whole wizarding world, are not going anywhere.

Based on materials from Yahoo! Life, Us Magazine and Page Six

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